Friday, July 18, 2008

Rest in Peace

In loving memory of my fabulous faux D&G sunglasses.
They were a year and a half old (which is a record. I don't even think my Oakleys lasted that long and those bitches were real.) and we've had many many good times together. I actually bought them in Chinatown when I came to NY for a visit. What a trooper they have been! Surviving everything from an over crowded subway car in my purse to my nieces trying to look like Nana. But, alas, it was their time to go and they will be in a better place where they can rest. Their memory will live on.

Farewell, good friend. You will be missed- especially today (It's 90 with no sight of shade).


Fred said...

OMG that is a good picture of the glasses ... and you look good too.

When you come home, we can see the scary lady at the cart in Lakeside mall (you know, the one that looks like Chris Owens) and buy you a new pair!

sista #2 said...

May you somehow overcome your grief with happiness. Perhaps a cold one would do it?

I know what its like to lose something so precious. God Bless


shoeaddict said...

OH, I feel your pain. I lost my sunglasses recently. I think I will do what Fred has told you to do. Why should you be the only one to have sunshine and rainbows?

Fabulous picture of the glasses. They are/were stunning.

TN Girl Moving To New York City said...

What an adorable pic! Love the glasses, I'm sure you will find a suitable replacement soon...

shoeaddict said...

So, have you bought any new glasses? Also, those of us with no life (ahem ME) want to hear about the date with Skippy. Is that what you called him?

shoeaddict said...

Agh, shit! I meant Speedy. SPEEDY?!?!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I did replace them. . .with an exact replica only white frames. I'm still working on finding a great black pair.

shoeaddict- Skippy? LOL!! Maybe that will be the next one's nickname.

Andie said...

Love this.

did you go to chinatown to get your new glasses? did you see some great black chanel knockoffs?

I want some big chanel glasses, just don't want to pay $400 for htem. LOL

Love that photo!