Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not a good idea

This is a very large knife a very silly co-worker decided to leave at my desk.
Silly silly co-worker indeed.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not as sweet as I used to be.

Is Steel Magnolias one of your favorite movies? (We all should know by now it ties with The Princess Bride for me)

Do you have a facebook account?

You should take the quiz below then because apparently I'm Mrs. Ouiser and although I am not shocked at all, I'm surprisingly ok with that.

"Which Steel Magnolias Character Are You?" with the result Ouiser Boudreaux (Shirley MacLaine's character).

You are Ouiser. You are confident, self-reliant, and comfortable speaking
your mind. You may have cared what other people thought of you in the past, but you're over that now. As you say, you're "not as sweet" as you used to be.
(Perhaps you've been hurt in the past, so you have told yourself it's better to
protect yourself than be hurt again?) You're comfortable in your own skin, and
often say what everyone else is thinking, although they'd never dream of saying
it aloud! You're witty and can be brash and sarcastic, but deep down you're a
real softy! You are used to showing a hard outer shell, but sometimes you don't
know what to do when life crumbles around you. It's during these times, you need
to lean on those girlfriends to get you through. And once you're feeling better...you can bounce back to your rare form we all know and love! (P.S., we all secretly admire your confidence!). Take the quiz!

LOVE IT! And here are some of my soul sisters famous quotes from the movie to make every one's Monday a little better:

You are a pig from hell.
You are too twisted for color TV!
I'm pleasant. Damn it! I saw Drum Eatenton at the Piggly Wiggly this morning, and I smiled at the son of a bitch 'fore I could help myself.
Oh! He's a real gentleman! I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he PEES in it!
Don't try to get on my good side, Truvy. I no longer have one!
He is a boil on the butt of humanity!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blisters nowhere near the sun

Each one of my toes are individually wrapped in their own personal band-aid. Not to mention the huge one on my heel and the Dr. Scholl's insert.

This is unacceptable, Tory Birch. Please warn your customer service department. They will be contacted.
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Friday night plans?

I'd really like to go to dinner with friend(s) tonight at a real restaurant (preferable a chain) in suburbia. Then curl up on the couch and watch a movie.
Is that a weird craving? I've been having it for months now.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aha moment.

I just realized the lyrics to "You're the one that I want" (from Grease) is that my faith is justified NOT that my baby'll survive.

I always thought that was weird, too. They never said Sandy was pregnant.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elephants on parade!

No, I'm not talking about the seriously obese tourists flooding the streets in Time Square.
The Circus is in town!

No, seriously.

And I just heard from a co-worker about this (here is another one). How cool is that?! Unfortunately, the elephants walked through mid-town Manhattan last night, but you can bet I will be there to see it next year. She said it was one of the most amazing things she's ever seen- and rightfully so! Elephants on the streets? Even that is enough to make New Yorkers stop and take a look.

And speaking of animals, I need to find a new favorite (the panda will always be near and dear to my heart, but it's time to pick out my own favorite not just because it's my sorority mascot). I'm leaning towards the elephant (mainly because I have a memory like one. j/k. . . no seriously) but I have been noticing a large jump in the popularity of the owl (I've had 3 people ask me to make one) although, I don't want to jump on the bandwagon. I've always said in my next lifetime I want to come back as a Beta fish (I like the idea of not being able to share my tank with anyone and I'd be reallyyyy purty) but I don't know if I'd say fish are my favorite. It's a lot to think about.

What's your favorite animal?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The damn popcorn button

never works.

I don't care how new or how fancy your microwave is, it never ever works. It is an evil plot to take over the world and burn my popcorn.

I must stop pressing it like this time it is going to work. This time it is going to pop my popcorn all the way. This time it's not going to burn the bag. This time I will win.

I'm too stressed out for you, popcorn button.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

open letter to random christain.

To the douchebag who gave a crackhead a bible,

Thank you. I was preached to all the way from 125th to Canal- on a local train for chrissake! (No pun intended). Not even putting my ipod on full blast drowned this guy out. He is a hardcore Christian now. I knew his whole life story by 34th ST and he still had shit to talk about. Because of you, I had to have him yell at me for approximately 11 miles instead of begging me for money on the side of the street. Now he feels the need to push his born again attitude onto me and this is unacceptable at 10am on a Saturday (much less the 8am commute during the week that I sometimes catch him on). I understand you were trying to help but in doing so, you ruined my commute. Next time, I'd be a little more cautious in the reading material you decide to share.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

An excellent prescription

I almost passed out again today. Then my arms went numb and the tingling stayed in my left arm. It alarmed me enough to call my mother (the RN). She thinks it's stress related and told me to go home and drink some wine. (Hey, she's the professional and I think listening to her would be in my best interest.)

So I left work early and cleaned the apartment because my fav roomie is coming home tonight and I missed her (and who wants to come home to a dirty apartment after a long vacay?)- but I am definitely on my way to the liquor store right now.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

And on that note.

Purposely rattling an already FUCKING PISSED OFF lion's case when the door is wide open, is a very very stupid and dangerous plan.

I'd walk away slowly not making any sudden movements if I were you.

Friendly Reminder.

Just in case you have been living under a rock:
I have a very dominant personality.
I'm passionate.
I'm blunt. I say things that might will hurt your feelings and I cannot help it (well, I probably could, but that takes too much energy for me to care. Did I mention I'm a tad self centered?).
I am opinionated.
I am independent.

and I like it like that ;-)
oh? you don't? kindly FUCK OFF.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More universe news

So, apparently telling my mother I want to move home within a year and live off of the family money and travel does not excite her quite as much as telling her I want to apply to art school. Aren't parents supposed to want you to do something serious like become a lawyer or a doctor even if that isn't your passion? See, that's why my parents rock.

Evidently, burying your passion will only cause it to resurface with a vengeance. Trying to force yourself into a left-brained box (when you are clearly supposed to be in the right-brained) will only cause the same reaction two magnets have towards each other. Too bad it took me so long to figure it out, but better late than never, right?

I obviously have a lot of supporters in this decision making and I have the same feeling now as I did when I decided to move to New York- it just fits. And wasn't the main reason I moved here to go back to school (even if it was for fashion)? I said I was going to wait a year to establish residency and that year has came and went. It's time.

I have a plan and it's a very good one. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(The Art of) Backpacking.

I'm a tad concerned.
This weekend I went to DC and took 3 bags. For the weekend.
How the hell am I going to survive 2 weeks in a backpack?!
Has anyone backpacked before? How do you do it?

We won't exactly be backpacking, but we will be country hopping and I want to be able to carry all of my stuff comfortably. I know I wont be needing the hairdryer or the straightener or the cowboy boots (God, I wish I could bring the cowboy boots). I know summer clothes take up a lot less space than winter clothes- especially when I plan on packing jersey dresses, skirts and tank tops. But it still doesn't make me feel better. I think I need a few more practice runs to get this down.

I'm also a little concerned with the lack of sleep aspect and the scarce availability of coffee (I'm assuming there isn't going to be a Starbucks on every corner of the Irish countryside). That's something else I'm going to have to work on, too. I know those Europeans love Espresso blends, and even though I don't particular care for it, I might need it. Any suggestions on how to minimize your hours of sleep needed in order to function properly?

Anyone want to buy me an iPhone? There are apparently amazing features on them that I might find handy while exploring a different country. I would totally bring you back a fabulous souvenir ;-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mental Health Day

I am calling this a Mental Health Day, but so far it's been anything but.
I bought my Sak bag and will wait 10-14 days for it to come in- YaY!! It's not the one I had my heart on, but it's close enough. Material love is fleeting.

I went a little crazy at the Yarn Store and I need to get out of here with the quickness before I lose it. I have enough projects to keep me busy at least until September.

But I'm happy, so YaY! For Mental Health Days!!
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Gross. Me. Out.

This morning there was the scariest bug I've ever seen in my entire life (and I grew up with flying cockroaches, people!) The bastard was chillin in my bathroom sink. I think I've seriously been scared. I killed it with a half of a bottle of Lysol and some liquid soap. Way to be resourceful at 7am.

Apparently it was a house millipede and those are common in New York City.
I refuse to put a picture up, but you can google for yourself if you really want to lose your breakfast. I'm still disturbed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The universe is obviously lining up for me.
I love it when that happens.
I want it to work out so bad. please?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tapestry of Nations

I had an emo- moment on the train this morning. Actually it was more like an emotional 20 minutes including tears. I had my ipod on shuffle and The Tapestry of Nations soundtrack came on.

It was my favorite parade in Epcot when I was working in Disneyworld. I still get chills from the music, which was specifically wordless to signify the coming together of all nations. There were 3 different parades running through the World Showcase at the same time of these enormous puppets that were strapped onto cast members who made them dance. It was amazing. Whenever I was stressed out or really homesick, I would run over to Epcot and catch the parade and it always made me feel better. A lot of my Disney magic might have gotten ruined from working there, but at least I would always have that parade to bring it back. One of my really good friends there and I would sometimes pick up extra shifts and work crowd control for it often- then hang around for Illuminations (the firework show that was so much more than a firework show) or catch a couple of rides of Test Track while everyone else was watching (God, to be a cast member and have ride swap tickets again- Steph? Gabby? Shannel? Remember that?! Cast members who worked in Attractions would trade Fast Passes and Baby Swaps so we'd never have to wait in line for rides when we'd go to the parks for fun).

Sometimes I really miss working there. Then I remember how stupid tourists can be.

This is the best video I could find. It doesn't do it justice but you get the idea.

The next year when I went back to work for the summer, they had already ruined it by changing it to Tapestry of Dreams or some bullshit. My friend (she stayed and became a character) refused to let me go see it because she knew it would upset me too much.

Speaking of Illuminations- wanna hear about one of the cutest dates I've ever been on?

I dated one of my co-workers (actually I dated 2 or 3 of my co-workers . . but that's another story) for a very brief time (He was 17 and I was 19. He drove me nuts! but he was absolutely head over heels, so I appeased him for awhile). Our first "date", he took me to Beach and Cream (which if you've never been to this fabulous restaurant, you must. It's in The Beach Club Hotel right outside of Epcot) and we ordered The Kitchen Sink (every type of ice cream and every topping literally served in a kitchen sink) then we walked over to Epcot to watch Illuminations. I was being a bitch at the time and didn't understand why he was so excited about showing me a firework show- I didn't live under a rock, I had been to one or two before. But of course, this is Disney and nothing is ever not over the top.

Halfway through the show, as I stood there with my mouth wide open in awe, he put his arms around me and whispered "Just a firework show?" That was a pretty damn magical moment if you ask me. But I would never admit that to him :-)

PS- Wanna see me at 19?
haha!!! This was my Graduation Day/ Last day of work. I don't look anything like that now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

so much for living cheaply.

My BFF and I have a trip in the works for this summer. I'm super excited because it's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I know myself too well to actually act on it. But she happens to be the perfect person to do this with and we even have a couple of business ideas in the works to rock this trip even further (which reminds me I need to draft a few emails).

Anywoo, since this discussion I decided I was going to live extremely cheaply for the next 5 months. I haven't been spending that much money lately, seeing as all my attention is focused on crocheting. I even noticed I haven't gone shopping for clothes in a long time- which is a really good thing. I have no more room for anything else! I will allow myself to go to one more yarn sale and then that's it. I will have enough projects to keep me busy until July and by then I will be getting ready to go.

Fabulous plan, right?

It was until I decided to go to Macy's (remember it was calling my name?) and my sights fell on The Sak. These bags are phenomenal. The leather is like butter and they are huge!! It was love at first sight (I am in absolute lust for The Shopper ). . . until I saw the price tag and ultimately had to pick my heart off of the floor. I cannot justify buying this bag (even if it would be a perfect every day bag that I would use all the time and totally get my money's worth. . . and I could even bring it on my trip! It would be a perfect trip bag. Totally carry-on worthy.) so I walked away. And I was over it. I was in lust, but my heart is fickle- so I forgot about it.

Until I got an email about a sample sale.
I can justify 75% off, right?! You bet your ass I can! It was sooo meant to be!

PS- Screw $47. I am totally going to make this one myself!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A new bed companion.

It has been a very long time since I shared the bed with a pile of laundry. I usually throw my clothes on the bed after visiting the laundromat, so it will force me to fold them and at least attempt to put them away before I can lay down. That trick obviously didn't work last night. I arranged them neatly in my comforter and moved them to the side and crawled up with them. It was actually quite a lovely bed companion, especially since Boyfriend did not come in town this weekend. 

Seeing as it is quite late in the day, I should probably get to folding. 
Or not.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Better word of the day.

[dem-ee-ur-juhs]* added just for Tabbie ;-)
1. A powerful creative force or personality.
2. Demiurge A Platonic deity who orders or fashions the material world out of chaos; often viewed as the originator of evil.
Think demiurgically.

Word of the Day: Friday.

Happy Friday!

Your Word is "Think"

You see life as an amazing mix of possibilities, ideas, and fascinations.And sometimes you feel like you don't have enough time to take it all in.

You love learning. Whether you're in school or not, you're probably immersed in several subjects right now.

When you're not learning, you're busy reflecting. You think a lot about the people you know and the things you've experienced.

What's your word?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

On a roll. No jinxing allowed.

Another fabulous commute! What can I say? Things like that really affect you. No wonder so many New Yorkers are miserable. Their commute is crowded, jerky and smelly. I'd be in a bad mood, too, if that was the beginning of my morning (and I usually am). Most mornings my train isn't obnoxiously crowded (if I leave late enough. Sacrificing being on time to work, but ask me if I care.) I can only imagine the trains downtown. I know it's a much trendier area to live, but my sanity is much more important to me.

And it was a New- Music Morning (which you should know by now are my favorite mornings! It's always great motivation. If you get your ass out of bed right now you can listen to 3 extra new songs on the train) so of course, I'm in a good mood.

But not good enough to endure stupid co-workers. I will still very bluntly state "Go. Away." and turn up the ipod so I cannot hear their response.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The little things in life.

Good playlist (I'm notorious for music ADD). Got a seat. Not crowded. And crochet.

That's what a good commute is made of, people.
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Anyone else use the Draft option in their email accounts to use as a place to store information (cool websites, instructions, directions, awesome pictures)?

Mine is getting a little obnoxious.

Suggestions for a better method?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic

I finally got around to seeing this movie that I swear was written in the essence of my college years. Was anyone else inspired like the trailer asks? I sure was. But unfortunately, I cannot afford the tastes I acquired in college.

My favorite part was that she wears different colored gloves throughout the movie. It inspired me to pull out my green Coach gloves I got over the Christmas holidays. I don't like to wear them often because they are leather and I am a smoker but seeing as we just had a blizzard and the wind chill is making it feel like 2 degrees, I figured I should pull them out while I still can.

I really fell in love with her quote about why she shops. I can't find it anywhere but to sum it up, while shopping, the world is a better place for her even if it is just for those moments. That's exactly how I feel when I go shopping and I think I might be a borderline aholic (I'd probably be a full blown holic if I didn't have the conscience to live beyond my means and the not so appealing option of living at home with my siblings).

And speaking of shopping, Macy's has been calling my name for the past 3 days. I want (NEED!) some Hello Kitty M.A.C. make-up and a Marc Jacobs wallet. The weather has been deterring me from answering the call 10 blocks away, but I will get there sooner or later.

PS- the movie was cute, but if you read the book, it's a little disappointing.

Swedish Fish unraveled.

I just had my first Swedish Fish ever yesterday and they are damn addicting. A co-worker had finished half of a bag in a morning, so she asked me to hide them in my desk for her and I was allowed to eat them if I wanted. I did and they were delish. Now, I had to give them back, because the other half of the bag would be gone if I didn't. I will be making a trip to Duane Reade at lunch to get some though. Yummy in my tummy.

Speaking of my addictions, I finally got my invite to ravelry and it makes me really happy and a little concerned. I'm a little obsessed with my new hobby (if you haven't noticed) and I feel bad for subjecting all of you to it. I'm thinking about creating a separate blog for all of my stitching talk and save this for the regular recockulousness that goes on in my life. But I'm warning you, not much else is going on in my life that I feel like sharing with the world.

Oh! Except last night I decided I'm going to make the Boyfriend high five me after sex from now on. TMI? Probably but he deserves it. He knows why (and he knows I'm telling all of you).