Thursday, March 5, 2009

On a roll. No jinxing allowed.

Another fabulous commute! What can I say? Things like that really affect you. No wonder so many New Yorkers are miserable. Their commute is crowded, jerky and smelly. I'd be in a bad mood, too, if that was the beginning of my morning (and I usually am). Most mornings my train isn't obnoxiously crowded (if I leave late enough. Sacrificing being on time to work, but ask me if I care.) I can only imagine the trains downtown. I know it's a much trendier area to live, but my sanity is much more important to me.

And it was a New- Music Morning (which you should know by now are my favorite mornings! It's always great motivation. If you get your ass out of bed right now you can listen to 3 extra new songs on the train) so of course, I'm in a good mood.

But not good enough to endure stupid co-workers. I will still very bluntly state "Go. Away." and turn up the ipod so I cannot hear their response.


The BF? said...

Glad you're in such a good mood. Could have fooled me.