Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tapestry of Nations

I had an emo- moment on the train this morning. Actually it was more like an emotional 20 minutes including tears. I had my ipod on shuffle and The Tapestry of Nations soundtrack came on.

It was my favorite parade in Epcot when I was working in Disneyworld. I still get chills from the music, which was specifically wordless to signify the coming together of all nations. There were 3 different parades running through the World Showcase at the same time of these enormous puppets that were strapped onto cast members who made them dance. It was amazing. Whenever I was stressed out or really homesick, I would run over to Epcot and catch the parade and it always made me feel better. A lot of my Disney magic might have gotten ruined from working there, but at least I would always have that parade to bring it back. One of my really good friends there and I would sometimes pick up extra shifts and work crowd control for it often- then hang around for Illuminations (the firework show that was so much more than a firework show) or catch a couple of rides of Test Track while everyone else was watching (God, to be a cast member and have ride swap tickets again- Steph? Gabby? Shannel? Remember that?! Cast members who worked in Attractions would trade Fast Passes and Baby Swaps so we'd never have to wait in line for rides when we'd go to the parks for fun).

Sometimes I really miss working there. Then I remember how stupid tourists can be.

This is the best video I could find. It doesn't do it justice but you get the idea.

The next year when I went back to work for the summer, they had already ruined it by changing it to Tapestry of Dreams or some bullshit. My friend (she stayed and became a character) refused to let me go see it because she knew it would upset me too much.

Speaking of Illuminations- wanna hear about one of the cutest dates I've ever been on?

I dated one of my co-workers (actually I dated 2 or 3 of my co-workers . . but that's another story) for a very brief time (He was 17 and I was 19. He drove me nuts! but he was absolutely head over heels, so I appeased him for awhile). Our first "date", he took me to Beach and Cream (which if you've never been to this fabulous restaurant, you must. It's in The Beach Club Hotel right outside of Epcot) and we ordered The Kitchen Sink (every type of ice cream and every topping literally served in a kitchen sink) then we walked over to Epcot to watch Illuminations. I was being a bitch at the time and didn't understand why he was so excited about showing me a firework show- I didn't live under a rock, I had been to one or two before. But of course, this is Disney and nothing is ever not over the top.

Halfway through the show, as I stood there with my mouth wide open in awe, he put his arms around me and whispered "Just a firework show?" That was a pretty damn magical moment if you ask me. But I would never admit that to him :-)

PS- Wanna see me at 19?
haha!!! This was my Graduation Day/ Last day of work. I don't look anything like that now.


stephanie said...

i had friends at test track and space mountain....i had so many child swap passes that i was giving them to other people. and the last time i went to disney (in 2006) i used the last of my child swaps...i had those bitches for 4 years! it was good to make friends with people at other attractions!

Eastcoastdweller said...

We all have some special place that lingers in our memories ... for me, it was my first real job, working in a little mom and pop deli -- to this day, Tom Petty on the radio takes me back there, or the savoury aroma of homemade sausage or the taste of a Reuben on Rye.

You were certainly beautiful at 19 and You are no less lovely now -- don't sell Yourself short.