Monday, March 9, 2009

so much for living cheaply.

My BFF and I have a trip in the works for this summer. I'm super excited because it's something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I know myself too well to actually act on it. But she happens to be the perfect person to do this with and we even have a couple of business ideas in the works to rock this trip even further (which reminds me I need to draft a few emails).

Anywoo, since this discussion I decided I was going to live extremely cheaply for the next 5 months. I haven't been spending that much money lately, seeing as all my attention is focused on crocheting. I even noticed I haven't gone shopping for clothes in a long time- which is a really good thing. I have no more room for anything else! I will allow myself to go to one more yarn sale and then that's it. I will have enough projects to keep me busy until July and by then I will be getting ready to go.

Fabulous plan, right?

It was until I decided to go to Macy's (remember it was calling my name?) and my sights fell on The Sak. These bags are phenomenal. The leather is like butter and they are huge!! It was love at first sight (I am in absolute lust for The Shopper ). . . until I saw the price tag and ultimately had to pick my heart off of the floor. I cannot justify buying this bag (even if it would be a perfect every day bag that I would use all the time and totally get my money's worth. . . and I could even bring it on my trip! It would be a perfect trip bag. Totally carry-on worthy.) so I walked away. And I was over it. I was in lust, but my heart is fickle- so I forgot about it.

Until I got an email about a sample sale.
I can justify 75% off, right?! You bet your ass I can! It was sooo meant to be!

PS- Screw $47. I am totally going to make this one myself!


The BF said...

Why deprive yourself of whatever makes you happy? I say buy them all and take them on your trip.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I have a "The Sak" handbag. It's nice I guess. Just a sturdy every day kind of bag.

Claudia said...

Hey! I'm a huge fan of your blog! It's so unique and I really check up on it everyday. I just madea blog for myself about fashion and kind of like my day to day life. I hope that you take a look!

xoxo - claudia