Sunday, December 27, 2009

I guess this is what going GaGa is like.

Not sure if I was transported to a rave, a gay club or if I'm just at a Lady GaGa concert.
I'm confused, a little uncomfortable but completely loving it (so it could be any of the three)
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday at The Hive

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

BTW we are no where near Mexico.

Had a field day here and even got pesos.
Makes up for everything

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6am check in

Good Morning!
How did yall sleep?
We have successfully made it through the storm and to the city we were trying to make it to. . . 8 hours later.

Now? We are sitting in more traffic because of a major accident 3 exits up.

Have I mentioned we are still 15 hours away from home? But I did have my first bathroom break of the trip (10 hours later) and shockingly my body decided to fake me out. I think it went into survival mode, much like my brain.
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Holy F-in Shit Storms, Batman.

It's almost 2am and we have been on the road for 5 hours and have gone 100 miles.

I gotta pee and who knows when we will be able to stop. That empty Monster can is looking good.

But we did find out putting my birth control in the sunroof will keep it cool.

Have I mentioned I will never do this again?
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Officially on the road

After a very embarrassing meeting with Santa at the BF's parents Christmas Party, we are on the road.

Apparently it has already started snowing on parts of our drive, so wish us luck. We want to at least make it to North Carolina before stopping.

New Orleans or Bust!
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In Baltimore.

Not feeling so hot. There will definitely need to be a dramamine induced coma if anyone thinks I'm getting in a car for a long period of time tonight.

Someone got locked in the BoltBus bathroom adding more excitement and another 20 minute delay to my trip (besides the first one where we had to transfer buses in Jersey bc the first one was malfunctioning)

Remind me again why I didn't just fly?
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And so the journey begins.

Due to the north's dendancy to snow around this time of year, we are moving up the roadtrip. To like right now.

Yesterday we found out about a bad snow storm heading this way. Which means not only did I have 2 less days to pack and get ready but we won't be able to go to Graceland. Boo on you, winter.

So the first leg of the trip is underway. I trekked the equivilient of another human through the city this morning. We will most likely start the driving tonight, too.
Now the issue is no longer will we kill each other but will I get motion sick and decorate the interior of the car.

Stay tuned.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

This is the first Holiday Season

without my Nanny. I'm already falling apart. I have no idea how I'm going to make it.

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Sad Santa.

I am super sad I won't be able to participate in SantaCon 09 tomorrow. I thought long and hard about going (because it seems everyone I know in New York is going this year) but I just couldn't justify losing 2 days of school work (one for the day of drinking and one for the recovery) during finals week and packing a week before our roadtrip. Plus I have already spent my one day a year in the freezing ass weather (which was last weekend for the Saints vs. Redskins game).

Oh well. There is always next year! (And I already have 2 super cute ideas for costumes, too)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Perks of New York

I don't think any other city in the world operates so well with craigslist than New York. Anything you could possibly want to buy/ sell/ trade is on that website.
Lucky for me, that includes cheap microwaves. Saw the listing last night, emailed the guy and bam! I have a microwave today.
Happy Popcorning to me!
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Sad, Lazy or Smart?

Just took the train one stop (= 6 blocks) to go to the ATM because it is raining. Am I tragic or what? How have I survived being a New Yorker this long?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not something I need to see at 8am

Or ever.
Thank you, random ad agency, I nearly lost my coffee after looking at this.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things I've learned living in the city

(I should really make this a series)

Gas station food (or bodegas) is really good. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would want to eat something from there, it would only be if I was really drunk and nothing else was open or on a roadtrip. Ordering a bacon and egg on a roll in a gas station? Scary. But here, I don't think twice and they are delish.

I just discovered the brand Entenmann's, which previously I wouldn't have touched, now I love.
Their honey bun just made an excellent dinner.
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Isn't Afghanistan the whole reason we are in a war to begin with?

Oh, my dear friend Michael Moore, where have you been?

Kudos on your letter. Too bad it didn't do much.

(sorry about the politics slipping in.)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

How was yours?
This was the first year in awhile I was able to participate, but luckily I have (some) sense and didn't take advantage.

Instead, we went to Virginia and I shopped for cheap cigarettes. Appropriate, no?

Now we are off for another movie night with the possible future in laws. Hope they like ELF :)
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

A bar with Arts and Crafts.

What could possibly be better?!
Love you, Metropolitan. You rocked my night.
I was inspired by none other than our friend lady gaga and max from where the wild things are.
And you bet your ass I wore it all the way home.
Top notch night if I do say so myself.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Boredom has reached new heights, people.

I am singing children's jesus songs.

WTF? you ask.
It started last night. The BF made a stop off here before getting on a plane today. We took a nap as soon as I got out of class and by the time midnight rolled around, I didn't feel like sleeping. So I started singing. "Father Abraham had many sons. Many sons had Father Abraham. . . " (and now it's stuck in your head. haha)

This has lead me to youtubing all those songs I remember singing as a child (which is a fancy way of saying procrastinating my homework). I'm collecting the lyrics so when I get bored on our 20 hour roadtrip home for Christmas, I can bust out with some of them. Good plan? Probably not. But I think I have decided Im going to live blog the whole trip for our safety (we might kill each other) and his mentality (which he has already looked into giving me sleeping pills).

What songs do you remember singing as a kid?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I hear weird things.

I don't know what it is. It sounds like a whistling, like a radiator turning on? Or the faint crinkling of a plastic bag?

I've decided I think its coming from my blackberry. Either I have used it so much, this is what it sounds like when it's worn out or all of those radio waves that it emits have given me super hearing to where I can hear shit only dogs can here or I possibly have brain cancer from said radio waves and its progressed to the point of Izzy seeing Denny's ghost on Grey's.

Either way, I spend way too much time alone.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ra Ra oh La La.

Let's start with I was never an avid Lady Gaga fan. I liked her music, sure, but I just thought she was some privileged brat from Upstate New York who was bored and wanted to shock people with her extravagance. Which I still think, but I'm thoroughly obsessed with her new song and video. Have you checked it out yet?

Please join me in this fascination. I'd even consider going to her concert, but alas it sold out in minutes due to the drama that is stub hub.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I could never be a photographer. I'd feel silly.

I spent the morning in the 14th Street subway station dodging New Yorkers and taking pictures. My final in my Authoring class is to make a website of art work from one of the many subway stations (no, graffiti doesn't count). I chose 14th and 8th. I love those little guys and seeing as it is apart of my daily commute, it seemed fitting.Now writing a blog about it is a form of procrastination. Anyone want to edit these for me? ugh. I'm glad I can rule out being a photographer or a web designer. Both of which I am not cut out for.

Anywooo. Want a preview? These are my favorites.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Microwave Saga.

Have you ever wondered what people did before microwaves?

Nope. Nor did I care.

Until now.

It's been about about 3 months since I owned one. In the Great White Flight of September (haha. Ok, no one get offended. But what the hell was I thinking living in the Heights?! I'm a white girl from suburbia for chrissake!) I pitched our microwave (along with a bunch of things I didnt realize I would need later, but that's what happens when you have 9 days to pack your entire life and find a new place to live) and didn't think twice about it. . . then I realized I had just bought a bunch of microwavable popcorn to live off of.

No big deal, I'd buy a new one when I got my new place (little did I know how expensive those fuckers can be!). Until then, the place I was moving into surely had to have one. Yea. Think again and don't get me started on those hipsters (can someone please explain to me this concept of organic butter? You people take yourselves way too seriously.)

So here I am, a month and a half into my new apartment and I decide to cook. Well, did I fail to mention I also threw out all of my tupperware containers? Yea, but that's ok. I improvised and by improvised I mean, I threw the whole pot into the refrigerator. But to be honest, what the hell good does that do me? How am I supposed to re-heat it? And cold rice is not yummy.

Any thoughts on this before I go crazy?

ps- Where there is a will, there is a way! I figured out a way! YaY! I took the whole cold pot from the frig and put it back on the stove and added a little water and voila! Im a genius!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have I mentioned I love Weezer?

and even more so for this:

(the zebra one!)
I will be willing to trade someone for the regular blue one. I've never used it, still in the box.

Hello Again.

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be back in school?

Even though the workload is kicking my ass and sometimes Im so busy I forget to eat and shower and I have no life or money and I get sick of seeing the inside of my apartment and all that other stuff. . . I'm really really enjoying it. Honest.

I just got finished my homework for tonight. Want to see a part of it?

I think he is super cute.

Want to do this Illustrator tutorial? Go here.

Want to buy me a subscription to this amazing magazine? Go here.
(It's quite pricey, so Im just going to say up front, don't expect sex in return for it ;-)
I really want the USB key. I'm starting a collection.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Whatever happened to LFO?

Kick ass.
I love this diner across the street from my apartment.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

If I was a super villain, that would be perfect for my lair.

Courtesy of the terrace at the AMC in Time Square.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Strange attraction

This guy was on the subway with me and I had a strange attraction to his style. Army pants, blazers and drealocks together never looked so good.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The worst part of a long distance relationship.

Saying good-bye.
It never gets easier.
Trust me.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Fall!

Yes it is. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

It's no surprise I'm not the most observant. After living in New York City for 2 years, I finally looked up and noticed the changing of seasons.
Not really a fan, to be honest. My favorite part is the pretty patch of fresh bright green leaves. Too bad very soon it will join its friends are turn.
This pic was taken outside of my bedroom balcony. (Nice touch of barbed wire, don't ya think?)
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Trick O Treat.

Halloween is coming very quickly- who's as excited as I am?
I'm going to see the BF (I feel like I should be paying BoltBus rent. It seems like I haven't been in town one weekend this month) and we are going to a costume party! I'm extremely proud of our costumes. For the first time in forever I'm not going as a sexy ________. So if you promise not to steal my idea, I will tell you.

We are going as Charlie Brown and Lucy. How hysterical?!

I think this picture alone sums up our relationship quite well (Don't you think, babe?)
What are yall going as?

Happy Halloween.
(courtesy of my sketchbook)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

(Un?)Faithfully Devoted to you?

This question is for my faithfully married friends. I came across this question a few weeks ago randomly and it got me thinking.

So, being humans and all that stuff, it’s inevitable there is going to be a time in your life when you are going to be attracted to another male (or female) who is not your legal significant other. Just because you have a piece of paper saying you are legally bond to this person for the rest of your life does not turn off hormones. My question is, how do you deal with that? (without cheating. . . if I really must add that to the question without it being obvious)

If it’s in a social setting, I can see not spending as much time with that person and making sure you are never in a situation that would be too tempting, but what about in a work environment where your job depends on spending time with that person? What do you do then? And then, isn’t emotional cheating worse than physically cheating? And essentially if you have these feelings, you are cheating, right?

I just wanted to get some feedback and see what yall have to say.

I understand that sometimes slip ups happen and you are going to mess up, but this question isn’t directed to those who have. It's to those who have over came and did not throw away a solid relationship for some silly feeling in their stomach.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kind of a scary sight at 8am

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First quarter down; 3 more to go!

I know in the real world, your grades don't really matter. The school you went to doesn't really matter. What matters is how good your work and your portfolio rock.

When I set out on my adventure of going back to school, I set a goal. If this is what I really want to do in life, then I have to get good grades. duh. It makes sense. I wanted all As. I've never done that in my life. Lots of pressure, but I must say. . . .

I rocked it!!

(I know, there is an A- in there, but it's better than the B I was expecting. It's because I don't listen very well. More on that later, but if you know me, you know it's true)

And today is the first day of my new quarter. Hopefully I can keep it up!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moving day

Everything is here! YaY!
(With the exception of a few things)
Now the question is Where are we going to sleep?
One of the two (yes TWO) balconies is a possibility. Camp out!
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I'd prefer precious cargo

BF: I gotta pee
NQ: Then go.
BF: I can't leave you.
NQ: Why? I won't run away.
BF: This is an airport. They tell you not to let your luggage out of your sight.

And que the badum dum.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You know you listen to your ipod too much when. . .

I was listening to music on my computer. I wanted to skip to the next song, so I went for the right click button on my mousepad. and there was none.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Only in a Williamsburg bar...

can you mistake every other guy for someone in a band and confuse a straight man for a gay one (and vice versa).

Welcome to culture shock, population 1.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Thank god these things are non-toxic. Too bad they still smell like markers. I love the smell of markers, but not the headache that follows afterwards.
I better get used to it though. I love these markers. Changed my life.
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Mother Nature,

You know I love this weather. Its amazing. You were a rockstar this whole summer (give or take a day or two). So, would you mind holding off on the super cool until at least October? All my cute stuff is in storage!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kate Nash look-a-like?

A girl in one of my classes swears I'm her twin.
I don't know. What do yall think?

Thanks for the compliment, she's super cute!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing weekends always end too fast.

BF: "Mixed Media. The best way to describe you."
ME: "Aww, babe. I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Peace Out.

It's an ungodly hour on my day off.
It's raining and windy.
It's 56 degrees.
I'm a little hung over and already on a bus, which means I've already been awake for 2 hours.
My boyfriend better know he is loved.

Smell ya later, New York City!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Munny Craze.

Am I the last person to know about this? I see these things everywhere but I had no idea what they were about. I didn't even know what the hell kidrobot was either. The things you learn in school, people. 

So apparently Dunnys are super popular little figurines, too. They come out in series, artists create, you can buy for $2-$8 and people collect them. The catch is when you buy it you have no idea which doll in the collection you're going to get. Genius, right? Something else useless I can spend my money on.

During our weekly class field trip we were walking around Soho (where I saw Bradley Cooper. .. . I know, right?! He looks super old IRL, btw) and went into the Kidrobot store. We found out that they were having a release party tonight for the Dunny 2009 series. So we stayed to see what it was all about. I got schooled on everything by a 4th grader (who had an iphone, btw. Holy Shit. I'm 27 and I don't even have one!) and felt really old. It was cool because at the party, if you didn't like the one you got, you could trade right then and there with some people from the store or other customers. A few of the artists for this series were there signing their dolls, which was neat for those seriously involved in the collecting/ trading thing.

And of course I had to get one (look! no chipped nail polish!).

And I got a DIY Pink Munny so I can decorate it myself! Google them. Some are super awesome, which totally puts a lot of pressure on me to make mine super awesome, because after all, I am an artiste! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally something to YaY! about.

Wish me luck!

I'm in the process of having a new permanent place to live (and I will of course reveal all the details to everyone as soon as everything can be out in the open). 

I need some good vibes because I don't know if I can take it if one more thing goes wrong.

It's only Tuesday but I can't wait to take a breather from the city for the weekend. Why has it been so long? Oh yea. My life fell apart. 

But we're picking up the pieces. 

I think this would be a nice addition in my new apartment, don't you think? Especially those who have been dealing with me for the past month or so. Keeping calm is not my forte. 

The last time I moved, I bought myself this handy dandy MacBook. This time I think I'm going to go the cheaper route and buy this (which is a clue as to where my new diggs will be- if all goes according to plan :-):

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dear A-train,

Yes. I have been avoiding you and I'm sorry. You know how sometimes you eat something and you get sick right after? Then even if that specific food had nothing to do with why you got sick, you associate it with getting sick and avoid it? That's kind of what it's like. I know you had nothing to do with this whole shittastic situation, I'm just not over it yet.
I promise to make a better effort.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

New music.

What are you listening to right now?

I need new music in my life.

Finally got around to watching the season finale of One Tree Hill and fell in love with this song. You should check it out, too. Matt Nathanson is pretty cool. If you can get past the first part of the Fray in this video (skip to :50), the song is really awesome and there are some good clips of Peyton and Lucas through the years (and does anyone know if they are going to be on the show this season?! Hello. There is no OTH without them. The End)

And now for some random, but cool. Apparently Scarlett Johansson fancies herself a singer. Is it lame to say Im totally digging this one?

AND Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields are doing this Dead Man's Bones thing. It's different and I'm liking it.

So what do you think? 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

In need of housing.

Starting October.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Studio/ 1 bedroom.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

An open letter to New York City.

Dear City,

I would like to extend a big fat fuck you.
Fuck you for trying to break me. For a minute there I'm sure you thought you had me. Then I came to my senses and now there is no way you can beat me. 
Fuck you for putting douchebags in my life, but thanks for the lesson. Here's another one: Karma is a bitch.
Fuck you for trying to make me doubt myself. I am a strong independent person and will never let you or anyone else get in the way of me thinking that again.
Fuck you for trying to change me. I will never turn into a self serving bitter person that you have turned so many people into. I will always be amazing. Deal with it.

Fuck you very much,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only in The fucking Heights

would you have people parked outside your apartment building sitting on lawn chairs hanging out.

Thank God I'm moving on Saturday (more on that later)
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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Are you a fan of Victoria Secret, PINK, The Hills and Carrie Underwood?

Then you might be someone I know and I hate all three. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pewter seems to not like me.

Remember this necklace

Yea. Apparently I'm allergic to pewter or it's a very very bad sign I am doomed.

The essence of New York City

What is your idea of the essence of New York City? If you had to take a snapshot of something/one that encompasses your idea of the city, what would it be?

I'm having a hard time with this right now. All I'm getting is a dirty overflowing trash can. Obnoxious illegal immigrants. Shady people. Tiny apartments with no room. Rude motherfuckers. Scam artists. 

You can pretty much say, I'm over New York City. 
I think it's time for another getaway. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The city from the roof of the Met pre-storm.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facebook status.

Did I really need to know you have a urinary track infection? Was it seriously necessary? Thank you again for that mental image.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At this time, it doesn't seem like a proper time to be lobbying for a new journal- considering I barely can keep yall entertained and anytime I pick up a pen, it's for art purposes only- but I don't care.

I want this journal. How much fun would that be???

ps- Since I'm on here, I might as well make a journal entry.
Dear Diary,
Life is great. Even though I like to whine about being so busy, it's a good busy that I'm happy about. I am being challenged. I am using the part of my brain that I excel at. I'm just happy.

Boyfriend is amazing and supportive. I cannot wait to see him next weekend. He is going with me to the Tori Amos concert at Radio City Hall (see? That just proves how awesome he is). This past weekend we went on a date to see Avenue Q. I'm really glad he got to see it before it closes. We also got stuck in the rain twice and I didn't even bitch about it. be proud of me.

I am living on a budget quite nicely. I do not remember what the inside of a retail store looks like and just the other day, I recycled a pair of jeans into shorts (I'm super proud of myself for that one). Then I looked into buying Photoshop and Illustrator and nearly cried. Maybe for Christmas?

I must go now. Tomorrow is a long day- 10 hours at school and I haven't finished my homework.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The joys of being back in school.

Free condoms in the student lounge!
Too bad some of their parents did not utilize this option.
More on my frustration with 18 years later (see previous post about recent post-colligiates- its a pretty similar argument)
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Attention, dream interpretators

What does it mean when two people (who have never met each other but they both know you) have dreams about you? On the same night in very similar situations? 

I'm either due for a lesbian encounter or my sex life is cause for many people's subconscious concern. Trust me, there is nothing to be concerned about :-) 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is making an entrance.

I'm sorry if you've already checked this out, but if not, you are missing out on awesomeness at its finest!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Perk of having a boyfriend #345

You get to steal his clothes.

What is it about his clothes that fit so over-sizably comfortable? 

one more week :-) 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sneaky sneaky.

I'm in class right now. Playing on the internets! (Oh, calm down. We're on a break but it sounded so much cooler before I admitted that) I never got to play on the internet, or a computer for that matter, in college. And recently, I just started talking to my friends while they were in class via messenger or FB.

Now, you can talk to me!
I need to learn Photoshop.

ps- sorry I've been scarce. I've been way overwhelmed with homework and time managing. I apparently suck at both.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to School

I think the karma gods are mad at me for something.
It seems like college the first time around, I had no problems. No financial aid to worry about, no scheduling conflicts.
This time? School is having a field day with me. I felt like I had been put through the ringer- and this was before getting on the subway with the obnoxious portfolio and backpack (see tragic pic from my blackberry).

I keep forgetting the majority of the new students were close to 10 years my junior and had never attended college before. By the second hour of "To get an education, you must go to class" speeches, I needed a cigarette and an adult beverage. I get it! For every class you miss, that's $128 down the drain. Well, for that kind of money, you should be coming to teach me in the comfort of my own home!

My schedule originally was pretty sweet (except for that one 8am class- but I'd put up with it for Mondays and Fridays off) but now it's not so great- only Tuesday off WITH an 8am. That ruins a lot of weekend trips I wanted to make this summer. Oh well. Let's pray next quarter is better.

Now I need a nap.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cruise Control: Canada Edition

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the fabulous Cruise to St. John and Halifax with three of my favorite people. I would hate for anyone to get too jealous because I'm already jealous of the fabulous trips everyone else is taking even though I just got back from one. But I will leave you with a silly story and 2 pictures.

Did you know the rescued bodies from the Titanic were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia and that's where most of them rest to this day? Yea, me neither, but their maritime museum surely informed me. They have the only intact deck chair rescued from the ocean and one of their cemeteries has the largest amount of people (120ish) from the Titanic. 

After a day of being OT'd (over-Titaniced), we sat around the deck really wanting to watch The Titanic again- it's been what 10 years? We needed some Jack and Rose in our lives. Wouldn't it have been funny for them to show the movie on the outside deck? Incredibly inappropriate, but we thought it would be funny if right after the movie, they sounded the alarm and made everyone get their life jackets then announce "Just Kidding!". 

Then we came up with thinking it would be awesome if they had a murder mystery- like cruise. Apparently, two of us didn't get the idea and thought we were still on Titanic talk because we asked "How would they do that? Break the ship in half and say guess who did it?"
Not Funny? We thought it was hysterical and we were the ones on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic at the time.

This is a picture of us on the deck getting ready to watch The Duchess on the outside movie screen (note: The fog and lack of sun. We were the only two assholes bundled up b/c it was freeeeeezing):

We had so much fun, we even stayed for the second movie. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. We skipped the sit down dinner (because really? After 5 days all the food tastes the same. When Cassi told me it was like eating at Ryan's for 5 days, she didn't just mean the quantity of food) and rocked the Grand Buffet instead. We brought our trays out there and my ice cream didn't even melt- that's how cold it was.

This is my new necklace from Nova Scotia. I really liked it and although I haven't previously been attracted to Hummingbirds, I am now liking them a lot. I did a little research and found out they aresymbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.  After this trip, I have decided I have a long journey of self discovery. 

And who doesn't like the towel animals?! The were by far my favorite! Here is our little frog with our ship on a stick trophy from winning the New Orleans Trivia. One night we didn't get an animal and while I was in the shower, BF got the room tenant to make me one. It was a fabulous surprise! 

I have decided I am addicted to cruises and I can't wait to go again. I think for my birthday trip, I will go again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Something I wanted to remember

The things you put on the outside of your body still doesn't change what's on the inside.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

A devastating blow to a 6 year old.

I didn't want to write about Michael Jackson's death. I didn't see the point with everyone under the sun either blogging, texting or facebooking about it. But I feel I have to share.

My brother got my nieces hooked on MJ's music. He had some DVD of one of his concerts or something and let them watch it one night, I'm assuming in desperation to make them behave. Now, whenever you ask them what they want to watch it's not Dora, Bratz or Barbie's Tinkerbell. No. It's Michael Jackson. They know every song by heart and dance around singing. It's really cute (especially because they have no idea about any of his personal life. They just like his music). 

Even when I was little, I remember annoying my Nanny while she was cleaning out her bathroom. She turned to me and said "Beat It". I think she was trying to be intimidating but the goofy serious face gave her away. I giggled and told that was a Michael Jackson song and kept on annoying her. I spent most of my 27 years of life trying to annoy her and she'd always laugh at me.

I just got a phone call from my oldest niece informing me Michael Jackson was dead. She was watching the news (what 6 year old do you know watches the news? Her favorite channel is the History channel, too) and it said they hadn't found his killer yet. When I informed her he had a heart attack, she told me they just said pain killer on the TV. She said she is going to hate to have to tell my other niece because she wanted to date him (remember when you were little and you wanted to date celebrities? Yes. My nieces want to date Michael Jackson. wow.) and she's going to cry a lot. 

She also told me she is so excited that Nanny gets to meet Michael Jackson, because they're both in heaven now, you know? That's right, Hay, they are both in heaven now. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Such a lazy procrastinator.

So, I decided to dedicate today to unpacking, re-packing and cleaning la room de mine. 

I have unpacked. I tried to re-pack but got deflated when I realized I gave away my black strappy heels (maybe I can go to Goodwill and buy them back? haha). I love that my BFF and I wear the same size shoe. When I texted her to see if she had any she could bring me, she told me she was planning on raiding my closet. Sadly, my closet isn't as fun as it used to be.

In the two weeks I was away I learned:
* I have eaten more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the entire time I've lived in New York.
* I really like laying out by the pool. I normally hate laying out but when you're by a pool, if you get too hot you can just go jump in the pool. I was having fun pretending I was a lady of leisure traveling with my husband while he was on business. 
* I really miss my dark hair, but I will get used to this.
* 2 weeks is long enough to make your own apartment feel weird.
* I really like 70 degree weather and now I understand why when the weather gets in the 90s, its considered a heat wave. 
* The city is bright even at night. 
* Even if I am the laziest person in New York City, I am glad to be back to being active. All that food and not walking around was kind of gross.
* Not working (having a set schedule) is probably not a good idea for me. I'm still not used to the not having to go to sleep b/c I have to wake up for something in the morning and the waking up for nothing to do.
* Who knew thrift store shopping could be so much fun? Thanks, Roomie! (more on that later)
* This city can be quite lonely. Especially when you are coming home to no one.

Now I think I need to get back on track. I need to run a few errands and finish putting away clothes before the boyfriend shows up tomorrow. I will be a little distracted from getting things done once he gets here. Wish me luck!

Streaming movies

You know you do it. (Is it even legal btw?) 

Tell me your favorite site(s). 

Does anyone else ever get weird urges to watch really bad obscure movies you haven't seen in forever? Yea, Having that right now. A little too embarrassed to tell you which movie. But I will tell you it's a sequel.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This should not be legal

It's too fucking hot.
Thank god we decided against the Jamaica/ Belize cruise. I'm so ready for some 70 degree Canadian love.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In case you were wondering

This is what I have been doing for the past few days.
So much more fun than I remembered!
Someone needs to find me a pool in New York STAT!
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All food and no play, makes me a dull girl

This scares me. Along with the bird wallpaper and lime green carpet. Very The Shining. Sweet dreams!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Some girls have all the luck

Won $200 last night. Score. First time ever and no one was around to enjoy it with me. It was on the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch slot machine. Very appropriate.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I is a tomato.

My exfoliating privileges have been revoked.
I do not have any more layers of skin to take off. I can feel the ridges of the muscles underneath because there is about one more layer before meat.
Friendly reminder, overexfoliating makes you look like a tomato who just had a chemical peel. Be careful with new face washes with the beads in them.
No good.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Asian convo

Fred: Where are you from?
M: South Korea
Fred: Oh, that's right. If you were from North Korea, you would be dead. They kill girl babies.
NQ: No, that's China.
Fred: I'm sorry I was wong.
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Little Jenny from GG

Does anyone know if the actress who plays Jenny on Gossip Girl is also in a band? I swear this chick is her (sorry my blackberry sucks at pictures. Buy me an iphone if you have a problem with it). Lead singer of Pretty Reckless?
I'm tempted to call her mom. She's wearing a neglige and black underwears but she rocks!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Chris Martin,

You have way too much energy for having two children in diapers. I see an aneurysm in your future. Please slow down, Mr. Coldplay, you are hopping around like a hobit.
Viva la Vida.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Going Away Drink. Ever.

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Angel has spread it's wings; The time has come for bigger things.

TODAY IS MY LAST DAY AT WORK. . . . and I don't feel anything. But in a few short hours I will be feeling tequila. I think that evens out, don't you?

So, plans have changed a little. We will not be setting out on our adventure into the great unknown of Europe. Too much is going on in both of our lives right now to plan a proper trip and I do not want to half ass it through Ireland and Italy, that should be a sin.
Instead, we decided to take a cruise!! WITH our significant others! We will be rocking the high seas to St. John and Nova Scotia!

Have I mentioned I get sea-sick?
And I'm going to be stuck on a boat for 5 days. . .
Stay tuned for all the fun that's going to bring on.
PS- anyone know if walkie-talkies work on cruise ships? We really want to play Mission Impossible: Spot the scary persons.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love and Marriage.

YaY, Mom and Dad!
32 years and going strong.
Doesn't seem like I'll ever get to my first (pity, Party of one) (and that is not a hint either, btw. Cool your jets)

I just looked up what the contemporary wedding anniversary gift is for 32 years and what do you know, it's a car.

Dear Tourist/ SATC fans

This is the famous library where Sex and the City was filmed (btw- it's just for reference and research. You were at the correct one if you wanted to check out books). The scene were she hits him with the bouquet is on the side street along 40th by Bryant Park. The library you were at is just a regular one that you were annoying the locals by just being in.
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Meeting the parents

This weekend, the BF and I decided to take a trip to Baltimore. We've been seeing each other a lot lately in anticipation for the longggg time that I would be away for (more on that later). Once I decided I was going, I told him I told him I wanted to meet his people. He's met and hung out with all my people in New York and I was interested to see how he is with his. His included his parents.

I don't know why I was so nervous. I guess it's a big deal when you're meeting someone who is important to the person who is important to you. I've met numerous amounts of parents, but they are usually attached to my gay friends with not much pressure. They all happen to love me and I'm sure not only because I'm amazing but they are secretly hoping I will turn their son straight- and who can blame them? These boobs are monumental.

Anyway. It happened. I met them and again, I have no idea why I was so nervous. They are one of the most adorable couples I've ever met (I love love love when a couple has been married for 20+ years and you can still see they adore each other). I was so excited, I wanted to hug them (which I actually did) and beg them to adopt me. I probably came off quite silly, but no matter.

Next Step: Him meeting my parents. yikes. That's going to be an adventure! Stay tuned.

Exit Interview.

So, they didn't ask me to leave right then and there.
I'm stuck here until tomorrow.
Someone entertain me!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No wonder I won't be accepting an Oscar any time soon.

I'm so bad about getting awards. And apparently, I'm too damn lazy to put them in my sidebars. I remember I got a few awhile ago and I never got around to posting them. Yes, it's terrible and feel free to "take" them back.

But I just realized my Fabulous Sorority Sister Sweet. Spirited. Southern. bestowed all of these awards on me at one time! Thank you, Andie, you rock my socks!

The Let's be Friends Award is given to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. The hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers.

Honest Scrap award:

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.
Here we go:
1. I think tan people look dirty. Not because I am as pale as Edward Cullen or anything, but it makes me feel better that I will have really pretty skin when I'm older.
2. I can honestly go the rest of my life without chocolate. seriously. Take away salt and then we will have a problem.
3. I really want to move home.
4. I've recently started watching Saturday morning cartoons again and I think it makes me a better person.
5. I miss my Nanny more than I will possibly miss anyone else in the entire world and I can't grieve her properly. If I let my brain fully understand she's gone, I would end up catatonic.
6. I have never worked in retail (corporate retail doesn't count).
7. I am in no way possible a foodie. I don't believe in spending a lot of money on food. I eat to live not the other way around.
8. It erks me to no end when people do not know the difference between an actual bi-polar and someone who is just moody.
9. Talking about child abuse or domestic violence freaks me out. I cannot talk about it in a casual conversation.
10. If I could, I'd probably be quite happy living as a hermit and talking to myself.


The Splash Award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. When you receive it you must:-put the logo on your blog/post-nominate up to 9 blogs that allure, amuse, bewitch, impress, or inspire you-be sure to link to your nominees in your post-let them know they have been Splashed by commenting on their blog-remember to link to the person from whom you received your Splash Award
Sooooooooo in the spirit of being lazy, if you are reading this, YaY! You get these awards. Go post them on your blogs and be merry!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Still don't know what an egg has to do with feet or dry skin


I bought a Ped Egg. (Yea, because I apparently can throw away money like that)

I've been reallyyyy needing a pedicure (summer feet and sandals- hello!) (and speaking of throwing away money, I went on my annual sandal binge and bought 6 new pairs of sandals. Yes. Six. But I couldn't help it! Blowfish rocks my world! plus, I need to take advantage of my company discount now. Not that I would even consider shopping there anyway . . . . . anyway)

I digress.

The Ped Egg. Makes me giggle. I needed to own one and they had them at Duane Reade. It was an impulse buy.

omg. it's a fucking CHEESE GRATER for your feet, yo. funniest shit ever. I really giggled at it too. The egg actually tickled and the fact that I was essentially creating toe cheese killed me ("toe cheese" totally reminds me of my dad. random, I know. maybe b/c he was the first to introduce the term to me)

And let me tell you, it wasn't all fun and games. My feet were in tragic condition. New Yorkers feet are tougher than their attitudes, I swear. It took me like 20 minutes just to get my feet to look semi-normal. And now the bottoms of my feet do not scratch my sheets.

TMI? Hope no one has a phobia of feet :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bridges may be burning

Do I really want to tell HR exactly how I feel about their company? (In the most appropriate way, of course) or Is it really worth my time? I doubt anything I have to say is going to change their company policies on vacation and sick days along with the crappy bereavement. I have no doubt in my mind, I would rather live in a box on the side of the road than to ever work in Corporate America (let alone this company) again. But is it really worth beating my head against the wall one more time?

I have until the end of next week to think about it but I wanted other people's thoughts and whatnot as to what they did when they left.


Team Lachey!

I'm not even going to lie. I was a total Newlyweds fan. I own every season. Yes, it was a disaster but I could not help myself. I figured if Jessica's stupid spoiled ass could get a guy like Nick to treat her like a goddess, there was hope for me! Then she fucked it all up. Stupid bitch.

And that's why I'm going to have to say, No, Jessica. For the love of all things Southern, NO.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I'd tell my younger self.

This is a really good article

and this is what I would add to it personally:

You are not as fat as you think you are.

Everyone will eventually catch up to your height and your cup size and the ones that don't, feel sorry for them. They wish they would.

Money will not make you happy.

You do not have to be every one's friend. It's ok if people don't like you. They aren't worth changing yourself for and a little bit of selfishness is healthy.

That Rainbow Brite doll is not the be all, end all of existence.

You will not look good as a blonde and God gave you brown eyes for a reason.

He's not worth it.

He's really not worth it.

Kick his ass to the curb.

You really can do anything you set your mind to.

Except fly. 

Or lie. You are a terrible liar and you should just give it up.

Your parents are the best ever and you should give them a break. All they ever want is the best for you and for you to be happy. Quit being a spoiled brat. 

Black nail polish will become fashionable. Rock it.

. . . . . and apparently I had a lot more to say than I thought.

Forgot to mentions

I put my two weeks notice in :-)
Fashion World, you can keep it. I'm off to more exciting things, like hostels in Europe, vacations home and art school! YaY!

I actually don't feel much different about finally making it official. I think it might have to do with the fact that I checked out of the situation months ago and now I'm just going through the motions. Ask me again next Friday. I'm sure I will be completely devastated when my life will not consist of a cubicle and stupid stupid people.

P.S. kiddies (just in case you have gotten this golden rule): Be careful what you write on the internets, you never know who's reading it ;-) (Hi Mom! The previous post about sex? I was kidding. honest.)

An intricate intimate conversation

BF: I think I know what your problem is with living together.
NQ: Baby, I don't have a problem. I have a catholic upbringing.

following going to see Shrek the musical:

NQ: Want to watch Shrek 2 or have sex?
BF: Ummm. . .. watch Shrek 2. We had sex last night and I haven't seen Shrek 2 in awhile.
NQ: Ok?
BF: But you have to keep your legs open in case I change my mind.

I forwarded the above to Fred
Fred: Is that from Shrek the musical? I have seen your boobs and Shrek 2. If I were him I would have the sex. Your boobs are more entertaining.
NQ: He says my boobs don't sing and dance. I guess that's the breaks when they're real.
Fred: Lord knows your "staging" is much more fabulous. Keeping them up and at attention involves special effects Spielberg is in awe of.
NQ: That's why I love you.

and the next morning:
Fred: I think we both may have been drunk last night. The texts are amazing.

Sadly, I was stone cold sober.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

mail goodness

I love you too, Mom!
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