Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kate Nash look-a-like?

A girl in one of my classes swears I'm her twin.
I don't know. What do yall think?

Thanks for the compliment, she's super cute!


Shawnimal said...

I could see someone saying you looked like sisters but not twins. BTW, you'd be the pretty sister by far.

Philly said...

I see the resemblence,,,,,whatcha drinking?


.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Actually, those are both of her. haha.
One day I will be brave enough to post a pic of me.

Fred said...

Not even close. You have better hair ... And by that, I mean boobs.

Andie said...

ha! I love fred! he's hilarious!

I think there are similarities! But you are cuter. ;)

You are making me think of a blog post I should do of my own mentioning the one celebrity everyone says I look like!

.::smb::. said...

i really thought the second picture was you! but i should have known better than to think you would walk out with your hair less than perfect!