Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At this time, it doesn't seem like a proper time to be lobbying for a new journal- considering I barely can keep yall entertained and anytime I pick up a pen, it's for art purposes only- but I don't care.

I want this journal. How much fun would that be???

ps- Since I'm on here, I might as well make a journal entry.
Dear Diary,
Life is great. Even though I like to whine about being so busy, it's a good busy that I'm happy about. I am being challenged. I am using the part of my brain that I excel at. I'm just happy.

Boyfriend is amazing and supportive. I cannot wait to see him next weekend. He is going with me to the Tori Amos concert at Radio City Hall (see? That just proves how awesome he is). This past weekend we went on a date to see Avenue Q. I'm really glad he got to see it before it closes. We also got stuck in the rain twice and I didn't even bitch about it. be proud of me.

I am living on a budget quite nicely. I do not remember what the inside of a retail store looks like and just the other day, I recycled a pair of jeans into shorts (I'm super proud of myself for that one). Then I looked into buying Photoshop and Illustrator and nearly cried. Maybe for Christmas?

I must go now. Tomorrow is a long day- 10 hours at school and I haven't finished my homework.