Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trick O Treat.

Halloween is coming very quickly- who's as excited as I am?
I'm going to see the BF (I feel like I should be paying BoltBus rent. It seems like I haven't been in town one weekend this month) and we are going to a costume party! I'm extremely proud of our costumes. For the first time in forever I'm not going as a sexy ________. So if you promise not to steal my idea, I will tell you.

We are going as Charlie Brown and Lucy. How hysterical?!

I think this picture alone sums up our relationship quite well (Don't you think, babe?)
What are yall going as?

Happy Halloween.
(courtesy of my sketchbook)


Shoeaddict said...

Love the costume idea... I'm not dressing up. Daisy the Baby will be a glow worm.

Love the sketch.

Andie said...

Ha! Scott & I dressed up as Charlie Brown & Lucy our first Halloween together. :)

The BF said...

You might not be planning on being sexy but its something that you cannot help.

And yes, the pic pretty much sums it up.