Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An intricate intimate conversation

BF: I think I know what your problem is with living together.
NQ: Baby, I don't have a problem. I have a catholic upbringing.

following going to see Shrek the musical:

NQ: Want to watch Shrek 2 or have sex?
BF: Ummm. . .. watch Shrek 2. We had sex last night and I haven't seen Shrek 2 in awhile.
NQ: Ok?
BF: But you have to keep your legs open in case I change my mind.

I forwarded the above to Fred
Fred: Is that from Shrek the musical? I have seen your boobs and Shrek 2. If I were him I would have the sex. Your boobs are more entertaining.
NQ: He says my boobs don't sing and dance. I guess that's the breaks when they're real.
Fred: Lord knows your "staging" is much more fabulous. Keeping them up and at attention involves special effects Spielberg is in awe of.
NQ: That's why I love you.

and the next morning:
Fred: I think we both may have been drunk last night. The texts are amazing.

Sadly, I was stone cold sober.