Friday, June 26, 2009

A devastating blow to a 6 year old.

I didn't want to write about Michael Jackson's death. I didn't see the point with everyone under the sun either blogging, texting or facebooking about it. But I feel I have to share.

My brother got my nieces hooked on MJ's music. He had some DVD of one of his concerts or something and let them watch it one night, I'm assuming in desperation to make them behave. Now, whenever you ask them what they want to watch it's not Dora, Bratz or Barbie's Tinkerbell. No. It's Michael Jackson. They know every song by heart and dance around singing. It's really cute (especially because they have no idea about any of his personal life. They just like his music). 

Even when I was little, I remember annoying my Nanny while she was cleaning out her bathroom. She turned to me and said "Beat It". I think she was trying to be intimidating but the goofy serious face gave her away. I giggled and told that was a Michael Jackson song and kept on annoying her. I spent most of my 27 years of life trying to annoy her and she'd always laugh at me.

I just got a phone call from my oldest niece informing me Michael Jackson was dead. She was watching the news (what 6 year old do you know watches the news? Her favorite channel is the History channel, too) and it said they hadn't found his killer yet. When I informed her he had a heart attack, she told me they just said pain killer on the TV. She said she is going to hate to have to tell my other niece because she wanted to date him (remember when you were little and you wanted to date celebrities? Yes. My nieces want to date Michael Jackson. wow.) and she's going to cry a lot. 

She also told me she is so excited that Nanny gets to meet Michael Jackson, because they're both in heaven now, you know? That's right, Hay, they are both in heaven now. 


Shoeaddict said...

When I was little, I was in love with Michael Jackson. I wanted to marry him, too.

I got over it.