Friday, November 13, 2009

The Microwave Saga.

Have you ever wondered what people did before microwaves?

Nope. Nor did I care.

Until now.

It's been about about 3 months since I owned one. In the Great White Flight of September (haha. Ok, no one get offended. But what the hell was I thinking living in the Heights?! I'm a white girl from suburbia for chrissake!) I pitched our microwave (along with a bunch of things I didnt realize I would need later, but that's what happens when you have 9 days to pack your entire life and find a new place to live) and didn't think twice about it. . . then I realized I had just bought a bunch of microwavable popcorn to live off of.

No big deal, I'd buy a new one when I got my new place (little did I know how expensive those fuckers can be!). Until then, the place I was moving into surely had to have one. Yea. Think again and don't get me started on those hipsters (can someone please explain to me this concept of organic butter? You people take yourselves way too seriously.)

So here I am, a month and a half into my new apartment and I decide to cook. Well, did I fail to mention I also threw out all of my tupperware containers? Yea, but that's ok. I improvised and by improvised I mean, I threw the whole pot into the refrigerator. But to be honest, what the hell good does that do me? How am I supposed to re-heat it? And cold rice is not yummy.

Any thoughts on this before I go crazy?

ps- Where there is a will, there is a way! I figured out a way! YaY! I took the whole cold pot from the frig and put it back on the stove and added a little water and voila! Im a genius!