Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to School

I think the karma gods are mad at me for something.
It seems like college the first time around, I had no problems. No financial aid to worry about, no scheduling conflicts.
This time? School is having a field day with me. I felt like I had been put through the ringer- and this was before getting on the subway with the obnoxious portfolio and backpack (see tragic pic from my blackberry).

I keep forgetting the majority of the new students were close to 10 years my junior and had never attended college before. By the second hour of "To get an education, you must go to class" speeches, I needed a cigarette and an adult beverage. I get it! For every class you miss, that's $128 down the drain. Well, for that kind of money, you should be coming to teach me in the comfort of my own home!

My schedule originally was pretty sweet (except for that one 8am class- but I'd put up with it for Mondays and Fridays off) but now it's not so great- only Tuesday off WITH an 8am. That ruins a lot of weekend trips I wanted to make this summer. Oh well. Let's pray next quarter is better.

Now I need a nap.
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Lu said...

I'm so sorry sweetie! I was wondering where you were last night...

CarmenSinCity said...

Back to school huh? Good luck! I know you can do it.