Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(The Art of) Backpacking.

I'm a tad concerned.
This weekend I went to DC and took 3 bags. For the weekend.
How the hell am I going to survive 2 weeks in a backpack?!
Has anyone backpacked before? How do you do it?

We won't exactly be backpacking, but we will be country hopping and I want to be able to carry all of my stuff comfortably. I know I wont be needing the hairdryer or the straightener or the cowboy boots (God, I wish I could bring the cowboy boots). I know summer clothes take up a lot less space than winter clothes- especially when I plan on packing jersey dresses, skirts and tank tops. But it still doesn't make me feel better. I think I need a few more practice runs to get this down.

I'm also a little concerned with the lack of sleep aspect and the scarce availability of coffee (I'm assuming there isn't going to be a Starbucks on every corner of the Irish countryside). That's something else I'm going to have to work on, too. I know those Europeans love Espresso blends, and even though I don't particular care for it, I might need it. Any suggestions on how to minimize your hours of sleep needed in order to function properly?

Anyone want to buy me an iPhone? There are apparently amazing features on them that I might find handy while exploring a different country. I would totally bring you back a fabulous souvenir ;-)


The BF said...

Maybe you should bring a man along to help carry all your shi...stuff.

Andie said...

ok. so you're going backpacking through europe? or just ireland?

dude, believe it or not, I think that starbucks is more available that you think.

scott got his fix every day when we were in paris. an iced coffee cost $3.5 eu. Which converted to $7 US. LOL

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Through Europe. As many country as physically possible in 14 days (or possibly longer if I quit my job and go back to school). I'm thinking do a country during the day and sleep on the train to the next one. lol.
Cassi's 2 requirements are to see the countryside of Ireland and the nitty gritty Berlin. I think I will need more than coffee to handle this trip. hehe!

fred said...

I told you the iPhone rocks.

And you better bring me back nifty souvenieres one way or the other. I demand it.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I have the original iPhone, sitting in my glove box, deactivated. The power button is stuck on, so it only works when it's plugged in. I dropped it. Oops. I'd totally send it to you in trade for a souvenier. It only cost me $600... ha. Ouch.
Also- I have backpacked in Costa Rica. I went for 16 days with a camping backpack thing. It held about 3 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, a pair of sandals, and bathroom essentials.
We'd stay in each location for about 2 days, so there was time to have laundry done every few days. You definitely won't want to wear things over again too many times- especially not when you're going to Europe in the summer. You'll be all sweaty and gross.
They might actually have clothes dryers there, so that will help to speed along the laundry process.
And check the train schedules. Some of them might only run during the day, so you'll have to plan for that when you're mapping out your trip.
If you really want to fit your cowboy boots into the mix, wear them on the planes & trains. No need to find room for them in the bag that way. See? You really can have it all.