Saturday, March 21, 2009

open letter to random christain.

To the douchebag who gave a crackhead a bible,

Thank you. I was preached to all the way from 125th to Canal- on a local train for chrissake! (No pun intended). Not even putting my ipod on full blast drowned this guy out. He is a hardcore Christian now. I knew his whole life story by 34th ST and he still had shit to talk about. Because of you, I had to have him yell at me for approximately 11 miles instead of begging me for money on the side of the street. Now he feels the need to push his born again attitude onto me and this is unacceptable at 10am on a Saturday (much less the 8am commute during the week that I sometimes catch him on). I understand you were trying to help but in doing so, you ruined my commute. Next time, I'd be a little more cautious in the reading material you decide to share.

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