Thursday, July 17, 2008

I wish I was like you, easily amused.

(10 points to the first person who gets the title's reference- and maybe I'll give you an award!)

They like me! They REALLY like me! (Is that overplayed?)
So I have received TWO fabulous awards today from two FABULOUS fellow bloggers and I am tickled pink! (wait. I just sounded like my grandma. ewww)

The First being from Kitty.
(I would like to thank my parents. Without them, I would not be the brat that I am today.)

and the Second, from my favorite Philly sisters over at Holy Crappers!

and since Sista 1 and 2 can make up their own award, I'm going to do the same. I will be passing on 10 awards as soon as I can think of a cute one. Unfortunately, I cannot spend the afternoon playing with photoshop because I have been spending my afternoons doing random pointless shit all week, which means I need to actually work this afternoon. dammit.

oh. and get ready for a real first date with Speedy.

Details and Awards to come. . .


Anonymous said...

This is my first visit could I not come visit someone calling herself the nicotine queen?? (Im a recently ex-smoker who fiends still...)

You no doubt deserve the awards...but Im gonna skip off and do some reading here just to make sure.

Lori said...

...Find my nest of salt, everything is my fault...

-Nirvana, All Apologies

I love Nirvana!!

Lori said...

Congrats on the awards!!

shoeaddict said...

Ummm, pissed off at Lori because I love KurtC.

I'm so excited about this date. I hope you made out somewhere fun and tell us all about it!! ;)

CarmenSinCity said...

Yay - a first date? I love those!

sista #2 said...

Speedy??? As in Speedy Muffler?

oh....he will have a big muffler...oh yeah


Andie said...

can't wait to hear more!

Congratulations on your awards!

Hey, there is some big news over on my photo blog that might interest you,.