Saturday, July 26, 2008

My dad

Makes me laugh.

Me: Hey, want me to go get you a daiquiri?
Dad: Yea.
Me: What kind?
Dad: Cajun Alarm.
Me: I don't feel like getting out of the car. What do you want if the drive thru doesn't have that?
Dad: Jungle Juice? 190? Something that will knock me on my ass.

And you wonder where my drinking habits come from.
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Traci Anne said...

OMG DRIVE-THRU LIQUOR. Jealous. (Man, I miss the Beer Barn in Waco!)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..ha.ha.. Ahhh.... the drive through daiquiri stands of N'Awlins. Where it's NOT drinking and driving UNTIL you put a straw in it.. bwa..ha.ha...

sista #2 said...

I think I'm in love with your dad.


sista #2 said...
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Fred said...

Add that to the list of reasons why it would be hard for me to move from here if it ever comes to that.

I don't drink daiquiris often, but just knowing that the drive through ones are there is very comforting.

Andie said...

that is so funny! :)

I hope you're having a good time on your visit!

TTQ said...

Once upon a time, once upon a time..

lailani said...

wait- for reals, a drive through with liquor????

TN Girl Moving To New York City said...

That is too funny! I hope you're haviing a wonderful time with your family!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Drive thru Daiquiri shops. No Lie. And Kitty is totally right- it's not drinking and driving until you put the straw in- so you just take the top off!

And there is a full liquor store drive thru on Vets now. Just like a drive thru pharmacy. . .but you're picking up alcohol and cigarettes.

My dad rocks, you have no idea.