Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Road Trip Remix: The epitome of playlists.

I've had a car since I was 15 and there was nothing about driving I hated. Seeing as I am such a control freak, I was usually the driver anyway and I was fine with it.

So, now that I have moved to New York City, I left my VW Jetta in New Orleans in the care of my sister (which I'm still not sure that was a good plan. j/k Seester, if you read this. There would be no one better suited to take care of my precious Betta Chedda Jetta.) and traded it in for public transportation.

Public transportation. I get the idea. YaY for being green and saving the planet and all that other crap some crazy new aged hippies are spouting out. Having a car in New York City is impractical and hella expensive without the hike in gas prices- we all know this. Even with all this, jamming 600 people in a subway car that only fits 100 for the first 30 minutes I am awake will never appeal to me. On a good day, I do get a seat and I do get to either read or sleep (two things you can't do in morning traffic on the interstate). Those are fabulous perks, but forfeiting my personal space to people who don't know what deodorant and toothbrushes are? The jury is still out on that. And above all, I miss singing and dancing in the car!

So, it's been awhile since I have been in a car for an extended period of time. I used to love the four hour drive from home to college. It was a fabulous uninterrupted 4 hours I used to clear my head that would only be interrupted by stupid drivers and the occasional drive thru attendant asking me if I wanted fries with that (My favorite tradition was to go to the McDonald's in one of the podunk towns at the half way mark and get a chocolate shake. Didn't help with the Freshman/ Senior 20 but it made me happy). I mastered driving with one foot up on the dashboard and balancing a cigarette on the steering wheel while perfecting what is now referred to as my "car dance" (which was then distributed throughout my sorority with an 8-count during the 2003 Spring Break debacle). Being in a car is literally being in my own little bubble. My own little world where I can be as ME as I want. . .and I am 10 kinds of retarded. I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way when you're not in traffic on the way to/ from work, running errands on a Saturday, Contraflow, etc.

In a little less than a month, I will be driving the 2.5 hours from New Orleans to Pensacola for one of my dearest sorority sister's wedding and I'm completely stoked. 2.5 hours in a car. By myself. Free to listen to all the gay ass music I can stomach (I'm not talking cheesy girlie pop- I listen to that with pride. I'm talking Chicago/ Barry Manilow cheesy. Oh yes. That is on my ipod and I'm not afraid to admit it) and sing on the top of my lungs until my throat hurts- 2 things I cannot and will not ever attempt on my commute to Midtown, by the way. (There are enough things people can label me crazy for and those are way to cliche for my style.)

THE POINT (for those of you who skipped/ skimmed. I know who you are and I'm not offended. I do it too): I am starting early and constructing the perfect playlist for the drive there and back. I need FIVE hours of music. I have a few songs in mind, especially the ones that tempt me to rock out on the subway (off the top of my head I'm thinking Skillet or Three Days Grace)- but I want to hear from YOU.

What songs make you want to grab a hairbrush and belt it out like Whitney Houston? Jump around like middle class white girl on speed?

You get the idea.


Laura said...

Tom Petty: freefalling
Rick Springfield: Jesse's girl
Don Henley: boys of summer

You're going to have a blast! make sure you take plenty of water to soothe those vocal cords!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I have a fabulous remake of Boys of Summer by Ataris which I forgot about! Thanks, Laura!

The Incredible Woody said...

Rod Stewart: Maggie May
Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane

And personally I love to sing The Mariner's Revenge Song by The Decemberists!

Andie said...

I'll have to think on this for you.

I still can't believe that when I'm up in NY, you'll be down here.

Go figure. LOL

philly said...

I'm kinda loving Pink's new song.
"So what"


stephanie said...

i'm gunna sound like a loser and say hanson: mmmbop just cuz it still makes me giggle

and don't forget summer of '69!

Fred said...

OMG I may have to take the ride with you just to do a sing-a-long. Remember our trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Outlets where we played your Ipod? I think I am still sorta hoarse from that experience (and you're still kinda deaf).

I do believe you're the only person I have ever sang along to Cher in front of. Not one of my prouder moments.