Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best. Movie. Day. Ever.

I have set up camp on the couch. Have you even looked at your TV guide today?
Best. Movie. Day. Ever!
If I was still 8 I would totally set up an actual tent and never leave. Well, that might still happen, if I can find enough pillows and blankets.

The Princess Bride is coming on in 20 minutes. Have I mentioned that's my favorite movie ever?
Even if I wasn't waiting for the stupor to come fix the continual running toilet, I still don't think I would be moving from the couch.

There is a Nancy Drew TV show on ABC Family AND I just saw a commercial for Pizza Hut Pizzones- does New York even have Pizza Hut?? Holy Shit, Grey's Anatomy 2 hour season premier Sept. 25th. . . TV were have you been all my life?!


Gabby said...

I know Grays!!! 2 hours!!!! I can't wait!!!