Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Wednesdays we wear pink

and I have every fucking shade of it on.

No lie. I went crazy in the pink department this morning. I was a little concerned about walking out of the house looking like a giant piece of bubble gum, but hey this is New York City. Kermit the Frog walks around Broadway daily (this woman is literally head to toe in green- including her hair. Now that I think about it she might be a Ninja Turtle. She always has this green backpack on. I would try to get a picture for proof, but you will just have to trust me. I can't be that tacky. Who am I to mock self expression?) So I did it- and no one took a double take, except I'm sure to see who the hell the Glamazon was (wearing heels today, too!). Of course I run into a co-worker as I'm smoking my morning cigarette who came over just to tell me how much my outfit brightened his day.

In other news, even if I am having trouble being patient and focusing, at least I can say meditation has helped out during the morning commute.

The subway was recockulously packed this fabulous morning. MTA blamed there sparse availability on a sick passenger but I'm blaming it on incompetent conductors. The car was so packed I was becoming close friends with some chick's really bad dye job (and I think I drank a few strands in my morning coffee- gross I know but I needed to prove my point). I closed my eyes and imagined I was one with the pole, swaying in the wind on some desolate island, instead of swaying with the subway car bumping into people. I focused on my breathing- particularly my mouth breathing (for the love of all that is holy what the fuck do some of these people roll around in?!). I was trying to channel a serious sinus attack, imitating a greasy Guido in a really cheesy club- anything to help me breathe normally through my mouth. I messed up a few times and those small whiffs were enough to bring tears to my eyes. It was a very long and painful commute this morning to say the least.

It's really interesting how once you give up being angry, the world around you is quite amusing.


Traci Anne said...

Heyyyyy, I'm wearing pink today and trying to give up anger too! My mantra is "loving kindness" - I guess it's working even if I say it through gritted teeth?

Eastcoastdweller said...

One with the pole -- hilarious!