Monday, September 8, 2008

Garlic on Pizza?

Have you ever heard of something so insane?
I think this is a North vs. South thing, because all I've ever known to put on my pizza is a butt load of parmesan cheese (after I pat it dry of all the grease. . .which seems to be a staple of New York Pizza). I don't even recall garlic being an option in the South. . . or am I wrong?

I was first introduced to this phenomenon on my weekend trip to Jersey. We went to an Italian Bistro and split a pizza. The waitress asked if we would like "fixins" and I said sure. She brought out 3 bottles, none of which were cheese. That's when I decided, when in Rome. . . .

now I'm addicted.
I had to have it for lunch- another craving from the drunken night out. The last time I tried to reenact how good it was in Jersey, I accidentally put plain salt- that was fabulous. Now I stink to high heaven, but at least if I run into a vampire I will be safe (except Edward Cullen. . . ) but for making out? Not so much.

And for the record, I never understood the raving over New York pizza. It tasted like pizza to me, nothing special. Then I tired to eat pizza somewhere else. . .looks like I'm ruined forever.


Andie said...

spumoni gardens.
try it. white pizza. LOL good stuff.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Someone else mentioned white pizza to me and seeing as 2 slices didnt do it for me at lunch, I will have some for dinner. Hopefully the place by my apt has it.

Is spumoni the one right under the Brooklyn Bridge?

Traci Anne said...

Mmmm, garlic and oregano sprinkled on white pizza=my love.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

are you kidding me? There is a place here by the Georgia Tech campus called "Rocky Mountain Pizza" that serves a slice called "The Black Diamond":

white sauce
black olives

and when I say garlic, I mean huge slathering, copious amounts of garlic. It's AWESOME!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love garlic!! Have you ever tried sprinkling it on popcorn? Delicious!!

CarmenSinCity said...

I recently bought like a DiGiorno pizza for one that had garlic on it and it was so freakin good!!!! Oh my god. Loves it!