Friday, September 26, 2008

Have I mentioned

I love my roommates?!
They were serious about the formal dinner and we are probably not eating until midnight.
And it's ok. That's how we roll.
But we are all drunk. I am in charge of reading the directions for the Baked Alaska dessert for my roommate but I can't read and she refuses to do what I tell her.

The living room has been rearranged. We have a table setting. We will all put formal wear on and be ready in 5 minutes and I am not sure how good of a plan it is to put the bridesmaids dress on.
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TN Girl Moving To New York City said...

How fun!! Aren't girlfriends the best?? Have a fabulous time in your decked out bridesmaid dress! I'm sure you will rock it out! You should definitely send pics!