Monday, September 22, 2008

I will not fall for boys?

Personally, seeing as Webster Hall is a concert venue/club, I would think the appropriate phrase for their bathroom would be "I will not fall in toilet" or "I will not puke outside of the bowl" or "I will not bust my ass down the marble stairs".

This is how random my life is. I'm at some concert for a band Cut Copy? Never heard of them, a co worker threw the tickets at me. I was planning on going to see Tyler Read, who is from Shreveport, LA- or planning on sleeping or going to the gym.

But now I'm spending money I shouldn't and consuming alcohol I shouldn't. But it's Bacardi and Diet- that's lo cal according to the commercial. I just won't eat tomorrow.
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PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ummm... substituting alcohol for food is a BAD thing. ;)

Andie said...

that totally reminds me of yesterday's from back in the day.