Friday, September 12, 2008

I think my soul forgot to get on the A-train this morning.

I nearly chocked on my coffee at this one.

And speaking of the damn bible, I didn't realize I hadn't been preached to in awhile. Until some douchebag was nearly screaming scripture on the train the morning. Forcing me to close my David Sedaris book and up the volume on my ipod- which I noticed everyone around me was doing, too. People like that should be forced to live on their own crazy island so they only inflict the power of god onto others who want to be annoyed. Scratch that. ANOTHER crazy island, not this one.

In case you are concerned about my soul (because I sure as hell am)- don't worry, I'm working on finding it. I think I lost it between 1996-1999, along with a lot of brain cells and some common sense. I am currently on a mission. A soul searching mission because I have a feeling when I find it a lot of my questions will be answered.

Anyone else gone on a soul searching mission- that does not involve organized religion? Any discoveries you would like to share with the group? If you're shy, you can email me I would love to hear about it!


Fred said...

That island should be somewhere in the Gulf to protect us from Hurricanes down here in NO,LA. I think that would make any casualties Natural Selection, and not 'Acts of God.'

And sorry, but the Harry Potter books are more interesting than the Bible ... however, God's relationship with Mary is much hotter than Harry and Cho Chang's.