Wednesday, September 17, 2008

clean up on Aisle 7

I think it is safe to state I am a hot mess today.

Someone had to have added caffeine to the coffee I've been drinking because I am jittery and bouncing off of the walls. And speaking of bouncing balls, I have just been dribbling a rubber band ball up and down the cubicles. Hopefully I made a dent in annoying the construction workers downstairs the way they have been annoying me. But sadly, I think it's only convinced my coworkers they want to ring my neck more than usual.

and the heel of my shoe broke off.
damn P.O.S.

I need to focus.

And why did white people ever stop dancing?

oh. that's why.


Fred said...

I don't think I hve ever seen that clip from 'Footloose.' The closest was seeing Wil do it when Kevin Bacon guest starred on Wil & Grace.

I think the entire movie's budget was spent on confetti and glitter for that scene.

And for the record, I dance more like a white boy than any of them.