Friday, May 9, 2008

Jet- Poo.

Ok. So, apparently we have a problem with gas prices and stuff?? (Yea, I don't have a car and I don't think I've even seen a gas station in months) And I understand why this is effecting the prices of everything else and I'm frustrated. I don't like to really know about big things like this that I can't fix because I am just lil ol me, and I can't change the world as much as I would like to try. (And changing things does not involve ME changing my way of life, because after all I am a spoiled American. It's all those money/ power hungry people who should change. They should be happy with being rich and not greedy bastards.)

But why did it have to go and taint my Jet Blue Airlines?! I was seriously in love with this airline. If I could make love to it and have its babies, I would. I would rock its world, just like it rocked mine. The legroom, the leather seats, the Direct TV- and to top it all off, it was recockulously cheap. Flights between New Orleans and New York were less than $200. I could be home in less time it took to drive to my college town and for nearly the same price. amazing.

This last plane ticket home was a little more expensive and I just chalked it up to being it's prime time to travel for summer vacation. I also noticed on booking this flight, they are now charging an extra $20 if you want to sit in the first 10 rows (which have the most legroom) that was a little annoying, but whatever. I can deal with an inch less of legroom. And now I get an email stating on June 1, 2008 not only have charges gone up for overweight luggage (it went from $20 to $50) but you will only be allowed to check ONE bag. Any additional bags will be an extra charge.

This really hurts my heart. I don't want to downgrade. I consider this the best most amazing way to fly. I have a lot of trips planned in the near future and I would rather take a crowded subway than fly in the tuna cans Southwest pretends are planes.

Is it bad karma to be bitching about flying when I am less than 12 hours away from getting on a plane?


Andie said...

nah, just relish the ride when you are on it. no bad ju ju.

and I'm always willing to pay a few dollars extra for luxuries like leg room- tall girls like you & i need all of the extra room when can get!

although- i have the same sentiment as you do when it comes to southwest.

Have you ever considered delta? they often offer flights for about the same as airtran and jetblue.

CarmenSinCity said...

This gas stuff sucks. I'm hating it. I have a very economical car, but it's still costing me A LOT more than it used to when I get gas. Have a good flight!

Eastcoastdweller said...

Ugh -- the last cheap airline that I flew on get all snippy when I was less than two hours early and bumped me to another flight, leaving me stranded all ^%$# night in the Atlanta airport.

Still beats going by Greyhound, though -- that's hell on wheels.

TTQ said...

Hi! I'm poppin in from Andie's link to you! Lovin it here..