Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You are my natural disater.

The next time you people decide that a natural disaster in another country (that has nothing to do with America or Americans) is worth front page news for weeks and worth talking about for months and worth giving your damn money to (and worth interrupting me catching up on my TV shows to have a water cooler discussion about)Please remember that I don't want to hear shit about a little no named island that had total devastation until MY city has been rebuild and is functioning normally. mmmmm kay?

Glad we got that cleared up. Now I am off to more important issues- like the fact that I am extremely conflicted over if Evan is actually the good guy that Casey should end up with and not Cappie. It's seriously keeping me awake at night.

And Lucas and Peyton??? I miss this kind of passion in a relationship. The kind that mkaes you want to throw things. . .


Eastcoastdweller said...

Maybe the reporters have fond memories of a vacation there.