Monday, May 5, 2008

A terrible case of the Mondays.

Dear Bed,

I know.
I know I have been a horrible excuse of an inhabitant. I know I have been neglecting you and that does not make you feel loved and appreciated. And I also know if I were you, I'd be upset too. I recognize my faults and I am trying to fix this. But I do want you to know, that it is not because my feelings for you have changed. I am still as in love with you as the day I brought you home from Ikea. And I would like nothing more to spend every unwaking moment as possible with you, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. I would love for our relationship to move forward and for us to spend more time together. Please don't give up on me, I need you in my life.


Mondays are really starting to suck. This is a new experience for me. Normally, Mondays sucks as much as any other weekday, but lately I have been noticing a growth in the sucky department and now I get the phrase "a case of the Mondays". YaY for more growing pains, like I don't have enough of them already.

Lately, I have been having the uncontrollable desire to cry all the time. At the drop of a hat, my eyes fill with tears. It's getting a little recockulous. If you know me personally, you know I'm not a crier. The closest I come to emotionally crying is at a really good movie or a wedding. Ok, maybe I need to take that back. I might be a little bit of a crier but it's only for a damn good reason. Wedding vows and The Notebook are damn good reasons, if I do say so myself.

Speaking of The Notebook. . . . .

This was the last weekend of the Film Festival and I had a great time. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait for next year! I met some really awesome people (and some wackos) but even though I've been dead dog tired, I wouldn't trade it for all the extra hours of sleep I could stand (No offense, Bed, you know you're my number 1).

So, last night I worked at the DGA Theater where they showed Lou Reed's Berlin. It was the most hectic shift I've ever worked (even more than the multi-theater at Village East- that was fun. I got to watch Trucker, which was really awesome and one of the Venue Managers kept me entertained as he shamelessly networked while keeping me company during the very boring escalator duty). There were lots of "celebs". The ones I recognized were Jade Jagger (actually I didn't recognize her, someone said her name) and the old guy from Law and Order (I had to Google is name, its Richard Belzer). Lou Reed was there, too, but I wasn't impressed (I originally thought it was The La Bamba guy). Apparently this film was really good, but it was just a concert on film to me. Ok. Back on track . .

Setting: Outside the theater doors trying to direct the traffic of people letting the ticket holders know they needed to go through a different door than the badge holders.

Girl notices a ticket holder. "Ticket holder? Both doors are open". (Girl notices there are a lot of guys in flannel. wonders if it's making a comeback?)
Guy turns around. Guy is Ryan Gosling. (Ryan fucking Gosling.)
Girl forgets how to speak and just points to where he needs to go. Girl makes eye contact with another volunteer and they silently freak out and then compose themselves quickly so no one notices.

Guy (as in Ryan fucking Gosling) brings date to their seats then returns to girl. Girl informs him he needs a readmit ticket to get back into the theater. Guy smiles and thanks her. Girl forgets how to speak again and legs turn to jelly.

Guy goes to the lower level of the theater to do press and never returns. Girl is disappointed.

Ok. seriously. That actually happened. He is so beautiful. His head looked a little too big for his body, I think he has fallen into the manorexia trend, but his smile. OMG. His smile. Almost as hot as this:
Seen The Notebook?

And that was my big celebrity sighting, making it all worth it.

Tonight is the Wrap Up Party and I wish I could be more energized, but it doesn't look like this extra cup of coffee is working.

And so the countdown begins until I get to go home. 4 more days. I am refusing to get excited about it so soon because then the week will take forever to get over with. Which I have a feeling it won't, being that I am booked up all week and I have lots of things to look forward to(Tonight, party. Tomorrow, more partying. Wednesday, dying the hair and hopefully starting to pack. Thursday, dinner date. Friday, get my ass on the plane) .

Anyone a Brothers and Sisters fan? The end of last night's episode. . .seriously, one of the sweetest proposals ever. "Because I changed the light bulbs?" A-dorable. And guess what I did?

If you guessed cried, I've got a gold star waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

That is really cool for you that you got to speak with Ryan. He is amazing. I'm sorry if this is a weird question, but did you recognize who his date was?

Eastcoastdweller said...

What the hell kind of horrible spam was that mess above me? Guy's a total loon.

Anyway, NQ, I'm sorry that Your Mondays suck but I'm cheering for Your countdown to vacation!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Ok- deleting retard comment. Sorry, asshat that is unacceptable.

And I didn't get to see who his date was, but I will be seeing some of the volunteers tonight and I will ask but I dont think it was anyone of note.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for answering. Just wondering if those Kirsten rumors were true or not...

As you say, Ryan is swoon worthy in person. I met him during the Toronto Film Festival when Lars and the Real Girl premiered. He was so adorable and chubby. Also oh so sweet and friendly.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

it's ok to cry sometimes. if you're a wuss! I'm kidding, of course. I find that during stressful times, I'm a big cry baby. It sucks, but we're women and this is how we deal. Genetics. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

ok it's stephanie (you told me to tell you who i was when i commented!)

OMG! OMG! OMG! i LOVE ryan gosling and am COMPLETELY jealous...

this totally trumps the hot first floor guy! you win for the rest of eternity!

was he tall enough? i always think he looks kinda short on tv and stuff...

Andie said...


Abby- he's super hot. Yum.

I love me some canadian guys named ryan. LOL

Glad you are having a good time. :)