Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Speak up, America.

I need a little inspiration today. So I looked to my favorite idol, Ms. Elle Woods.

Ok- so I'm having a little trouble finding a clip of her speech to Congress in Red, White and Blonde and this will have to do.

As if you couldn't tell, I'm a little aggravated with work. I don't know if I wasn't disciplined enough as a child or if I was just allowed to speak my mind one too many times (it might be the scary black hair or the height, but I'm going to bet that it has something to do with my boobs. They are a little intimidating if I do say so myself.), but I have this silly little notion that when someone asks "WHY" there should be a valid reason. I really wasn't aware of how many people there are in the world that just went about their daily lives doing what they were told and never asking why (or maybe they just don't have the brain power to do so. I mean it is a really hard word to pronounce). And I'm not sure if anyone is even aware but after 15 years old, when you ask why it's usually not in a smart-assery way- you general want to know. Well, at least that is MY thought process but I don't know, maybe all the smoke has gone to my head or all the drugs I did in High School have finally caught up to me.

Or maybe it's just because I haven't truly experienced Corporate America before. They really need to start forwarding me the memos.

There are so many things that happen on a daily basis that I ask why about and the closest thing I have come to getting a straight answer is "because that's how we do it" or "I don't know. Ask someone else". Wouldn't it make more sense if you had more than that to pacify your intelligent employees? Or is blondie sitting in the cubicle twirling her hair surpass your goal for employees? (ok. I twirl my hair, too. you know what I mean.) And I'm not even going to pretend like I am smart. I'm an idiot when it comes to the business of fashion. I just know how to buy it and that's why I am here- to learn. And generally when someone is trying to learn, they ask why in order to get a better perspective. But even I know that when there is no rhyme or reason to doing something that does not produce results in any way shape or form except to waste time and energy- well that is just unproductive for the company and for me (because I don't like exerting energy unless it is a life or death situation). It continues to amaze me how this truly successful company even got off the ground with the work ethic it has now (granted, I work in the online division, and it is quite new but is it that hard to get inside tips on how to run a business from its sister divisions? The first lesson needs to be Communication 101: How to write an email).

Anyway. Maybe I am better off in the government/ legal world. At least there you know why and if the answer doesn't suit you, there are ways to change it. But, do I really want to give up wearing really cute dresses to work? That's a tough one.

And I have added another video, because seriously Elle Woods' hair.
'Nuff said.


The Ambiguous Blob said...

haha welcome to corporate America! Get used to hearing the answer "because that's how I want it" when you ask why. It's standard issue.

eastcoastdweller said...

First of all, You are smarter than You think You are. Anyone who can thrive and survive in NYC just has to be.

Second of all, smoking brings You pleasure and as such, is good for the brain. Brains like pleasure and reward the body for providing it.

Thirdly, start reading Dilbert in the comic section. That will give You a crash course par excelente in corporate America.

Fourthly, NEVER, ever stop asking why. That is how the world gets changed, one stubborn, curious person at a time.