Thursday, April 3, 2008

why I will be in debt very very soon.

What did I say?
I really need to get OFF these damn mailing lists.
Mignon Faget is and always will be my weakness. And she is having a sale.

And she makes umbrellas now. and I've been wanting a good umbrella. I have embrella envy for those with the big ones with the curved handle. . . and look what she decides to sell:

Granted, it's not Burberry. or Coach. but I can rock it.

And this Serpentine Ring?! I NEED to rock that (in silver, of course).

Who wants to buy these things for me?


Andie said...

I want one!!! (the umbrella!)

Eastcoastdweller said...

For no logical reason that I can think of, that umbrella makes me think of Aubrey Hepburn.