Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blonde moments

I really love living in my own little world, but on some days it just doesn't work out well.

I just found out one of my very very nice readers decided to give me props on his blog. He says "Nicotine Queen, a witty and feisty gothamite".

How amazing?! Someone likes me! I feel special.

Anyway, having never heard the word gothamite (bare with me, I never claimed genius status) and thinking it sounds really "cool" I look it up on urban dictionary and this is the definition I get:

1. gothamite
The younger generation of the so called "Goth". Originated in the late 90's with the sudden popularity of psudo-goth bands Maralyn Manson, Orgy and the like that dressed vaguely similar to the post-punk goth, lots of black, but with less style. Mostly what the ware are black jeans and t-shirts and dye their hair black. They tend to have less insight into themselves and those around them. Basically kids that want to play dress-up to look dark, brooding and mature.

(don't ya just love how they misspell Marilyn Manson? hello! You are obviously not a fan)

That would NOT be a cool definition and I'm confused. I really could have sworn this guy liked my blog. He's always commenting and saying nice things to me, why would he call me something like that? That does not sound like something I would want to be considered. From this definition, it sounds like a hipster who wears more black. I mean, I talk about having a little goth in me all the time but I don't think I necessarily AM goth. I do wear more black nowadays (but I'm a New Yorker! and it's just so easy) I dyed my hair black (I can't help that I look better with dark hair! I'm Italian and Lebanese for chrissake.) I don't really have much insite to myself right now (I am definitely in the full blows of another quarterlife crisis- or maybe I never came out of it) So. . .me being the over analyst that I am freaked out. Holy Hell! That IS me.

So I proceed to write him an email asking him if he meant to insult me and exactly what is his definition of a gothamite is. I don't want people thinking that about me if I try to damn hard to cover that up! At this point I'm confused enough to ask my NGBF if he would consider me "Goth" and he looked at me like I was stupid. Then I asked him if he would consider me a "Gothamite" to which he replies YES. omg. That's more insulting than being considered a goth (NOT that that is an insult, continue to bare with me) because if I were to be considered anything it would be the real deal, not some pseudo-goth thing.

And this is the point where I find out the true definition of a Gothamite. . .

It's a person who lives in Manhattan. You know, from Batman and the nickname Gotham City? Yea, everyone else reading this figured that out already and I'm the only dumbass on the planet. I get it.

East Coast Dweller (poor guy! I feel terrible about the email even though he was SUCH a sweetheart about the whole thing) has now edited his post to call me "a witty and feisty dweller in Gotham City, aka the Big Apple, aka New York." But I can guarantee I'm the only idiot who would make that mistake.


eastcoastdweller said...

Nicotine Queen, You aren't the first, and You won't be the last person to misunderstand a blog post, or a person's motivation in writing a post. That has nothing to do with any degree of intelligence.

Just ask LadyDee, Trisia, Adena and Rebecca -- all blog friends of mine who I've managed to confuse/offend/creep out at one time or another.

And now and then, a blogger will write something that puzzles me.

The only way to avoid such a scenario is to not blog about other people at all. But to me, that would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

To me, blogging is much more than just writing about my life. It is about connecting with people all over the world, getting to know them, and sharing with others what I like about them.

If You don't start laughing about this whole episode, if You don't stop calling Yourself names, NQ, then drastic measures will be called for. Starting with having Your cigarettes replaced by a nice, crunchy pile of rice crackers.

Furthermore, NONE of us can possibly keep up with all the slang and hip terminology that is cranked out every day.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I AM laughing! And I felt like the rest of the world needed to laugh at me, too.

And talking about taking away my cigarettes is a death wish, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way: it's better than being called a sodomite. Right?

eastcoastdweller said...

Ah, You are laughing, finally. Good. Now I feel better. Know this: Nobody dares laugh AT the Nicotine Queen. With Her, perhaps. But not at Her.

I had to suggest the cigarette removal, even though I knew I was risking a painful death, because You were being way too hard on Yourself. Had to get Your attention somehow. Figured that would do it.


eastcoastdweller said...

Sodomite, yeah, that's not too complimentary in most folks' opinions. And what happened to the Biblical character who fled Sodom and then had second thoughts? She became a sodium-ite!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Sodomite. Yet another term I needed to ask someone about.

I REALLY need to get out more.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

well duh!

Anonymous said...


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