Monday, April 21, 2008

My friends are crazy, too!

This is a snapshot into the lives of me and my friend, Steph (when she is not rubbing it in that she shared an elevator and a "moment" and what other shenanigans she can think of with Hot Calf Man). You can imagine how our smoke breaks were when we worked in the same building (shout out to Lakeway Two!!- Or was it Three?) Anyway, I know she reads this.

Steph (5:25 PM): i named my phone
NQ (5:30 PM): ??
Steph (5:30 PM): Oliver Jack Sparrow
NQ (5:30 PM): Oliver is a popular name!!
NQ (5:31 PM): but I dont like the Jack Sparrow. . . lose the Sparrow
Steph (5:31 PM): my phone is a man
Steph (5:31 PM): probably a gay man
NQ (5:31 PM): everything I own is male
NQ (5:32 PM): or oliver onyx!!
NQ (5:32 PM): Double O trouble.
NQ (5:32 PM): bc its a BLACK Jack
Steph (5:32 PM): ooooo
Steph (5:32 PM): but i like jack
NQ (5:32 PM): I like Oliver Onyx.
Steph (5:33 PM): Oliver Jack Onyx?
NQ (5:33 PM): nope.
NQ (5:34 PM): Ollie Onyx. . . or you cant use Oliver
Steph (5:34 PM): ok fine
NQ (5:34 PM): YaY!!!
NQ (5:34 PM): trust me!
Steph (5:35 PM): ok ok ok
Steph (5:37 PM): am i weird?
NQ (5:37 PM): nope!
NQ (5:37 PM): naming inadament objects is completely normal in my world
Steph (5:38 PM): ok good...i think
Steph (5:38 PM): i'm not sure what's normal in NQ world is normal in real world
NQ (5:38 PM): exactly. . .you might want to check with someone else.
Steph (5:39 PM): yea
Steph (5:39 PM): i'll get back to you on that

*BTW- I finally named mine, too.
His name is Taj.


Anonymous said...

I'm famous!! lol

p.s. it's stephanie!!

eastcoastdweller said...

Ah, the information that is shared on those smoke breaks!

Andie said...

the name taj will always make me think of Van Wilder's assistant.