Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where is Shockey?

You are hurting my heart. I cannot find you on the field and the only reason I came to this Saints game is to stare at you for three hours fantasizing about what our children would look like and all the dirty things I would do to you. Instead, I might actually have to watch the game and learn how it is played. You are not on my nice list. But I will still bare your children if #83, #64, #86 and #3 (who I am currently fighting with Fred over) don't win my heart over by the end of the game. I seriously need to pay attention to football more often.

Your Future Ex-Wife.
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Andie said...


I almost went to that game, but I gave my ticket to my BIL. I knew I would get pissed off at the game. LOL

stephanie said...

how many times have i told you that shockey is mine! moving away from here exempts you from being in the running for him! lol

i heard he went on a slutty "sleeping with 100s of strippers" phase when he first moved here...lets make sure we get him tested!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Stephanie- I gave you hot first floor guy. And all I'm just asking to date the man. I'd move home to do so, too. Then you can't bitch!

fred said...

For the record, not only did I want #3, but I was also explaining the game to you. Don't the two balance themselves out on the gay-meter?

shoeaddict said...

He's hurt again, I think.