Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I deleted you for a reason.

Why do you want to re-friend me after I deleted your ass months ago and you just realized it now? There was a reason I deleted you and it was probably b/c I dont think we are that good of friends, you post stupid bulletins or I just generally don't care how you are doing. I understand having me on your friend list gives you street credit for knowing a hot girl, but it ruins mine.

I'm really not that interesting. Trust me. And for the record, drooling over myspace pictures of a girl you can never have is not ok in your late 20s.


fred said...

I'll be honest, I laughed louder when I clicked on the blog that you linked to this one... When did we stop being funny?

Jen Kucsak said...

LOL... what nerve this guy has to re-friend request you. Deleting someone off MySpace/ Facebook is pretty serious if ya ask me!