Friday, December 19, 2008

Parental Advisory

Don't leave me unsupervised with your children.

Steph is telling me about the 2yr old she is watching right now who won't stop screaming because he is sick (why in god's name you would agree to watch a child that did not come out of your own vagina while it's sick is beyond me). I told her to OD it on Nyquil and call it a day. That wasn't the right answer, was it?


fred said...

Hell... I still dope myself on Tylenol PM when I don't feel well. If its good enough for me, then its good enough for someone else's kid!

I think God knew what he was doing when he formed my genetic makeup.

stephanie said...

i agree to watch the kids because i don't have a job and the money is good....and tax free!

he stopped screaming. he's watching tv and playing by himself. he was screaming for mommy and now he's realized mommy isn't coming home soon and i'm all he has today. lol he's cute when he's not yelling