Thursday, December 18, 2008

One stop shopping; almost better than wal-mart.

I am a fucking genius!! 

I went to Lush (No, it wasn't a bar- which is the first thing my aunt asked me, too) at lunch, got a gift box of 12 different bath bombs and now I'm done with Christmas shopping- bam. I'm amazing. To be honest, I don't know what the rave about this soap crap is but I am definitely going to play it up because I am a sophisticated New Yorker now and all (Yes, I am aware there is a Lush on Decatur in New Orleans. shut it.) They came in this adorable polka dot box, which does not fit in my suitcase (guess who gets to keep it? :-)  so I had to put them into individual bags and pray they don't break on the trip home (guess who smells like a French whore right now?) For spending so much damn money, they gave me three free moisturizing bath bombs and soaps, which I am also keeping. This is amazing. 

Even though I don't need to go to Biloxi for Christmas shopping now- this just gives me more time to shop for yours truly. Because I think I deserve a new Coach purse. I am kick ass awesome. 


Stephanie said...

i keep hearing about this Lush place. i think i may need to go to it.

and BTW, there is one in macy's in lakeside now!

fred said...

Sweet! More time I get to spend in the Banana Republic Outlet in Biloxi! Yay!

And a French Whore? At least you're a little classier now than you used to be!

Andie said...

yep. macy's at lakeside has one too. I heart lush. LOL