Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's finally f-ing snowing

and sticking. You people are all excited. I just see another way to bust my ass.
I went out on the back porch, saw the snow covered stairs and thought "Great. I know I'm going to fall down these and I wonder how long it would take someone to come find my lifeless broken body?"
So, tomorrow I'm breaking out the snow boots. They are uglier than sin and I don't know how good they work but we'll find out together.
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Andie said...

a few years ago, I went to visit my friend Kimmey in Jersey and her 2nd floor apartment had these iron steps that went up to her door. (think about 12' up... so they weren't like 2-3 steps.
Aannnnyway, I was going down them, right before we were leaving for the airport, and they were really slick with ice. I slipped and went down the stairs, on my ass. It looked like I was sledding down her stupid iron stairs.

I had a black & blue bruise on my ass so huge that when we were on the flight home, I must have gotten up about 15 times in that 3 hour flight from Newark to New Orleans becuase my ass hurt so bad. My ass stayed bruised like that for about a month and a half straight. It was BAD. LOL

There's your humor for the day, Abby. ;)

Red said...

Ummmm, it's raining now and the snow is all gone. Nice try on the boots though! :)

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

oh shut it. This was supposed ot post last night, I dont know why it didnt. And I didnt bust out the ugly boots. :P

Secret Life of a Fat Girl said...


Yes i'm screaming! I'm jealous