Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to Vera Bradley-ville

Is it mandatory to have a VB travel tote once you cross the state line into Connecticut? I opted against using mine and apparently that was the wrong decision.

And apparently I look friendly (or just a sucker)? I have lost count of how many times I have been approached for money, cigarettes and an excuse to tell me your life story. I almost feel like I'm back in the south.

And I survived SpaHa (that's what they are calling Spanish Harlem these days)
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TTQ said...

Vera Bradley in SpaHa??? Come to Miami with me...

TTQ said...

What's next Lily Pulitzer in Harlem?

Andie said...

really? people up north have Vera Bradley bags?

I thought that was only a southern thing.

I remember when I went to LI a few years ago in Nashville, I was SO GLAD i had a vera bradley, because I would have been the only one without one!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

SpaHa is Harlem. . . Spanish Harlem, actually. And it was all the people on there way or in Conneticut.

And VB is huge in the northeast.

Anonymous said...

Both you and your sister have GULLIBLE tattooed on your foreheads. I have never been approached by so many crazy people as when I walked down the streets of NYC with the two of you.

Then again, maybe I just always look like the crazy person on the street when I am by myself.