Monday, June 9, 2008

If only I didn't wear my headphones religiously.

If you don't know about this site Overheard in New York, you betta axe somebody.
Not only does it entertain me, I hope one day to be featured on it for one of my many crackbrained comments (kinda the same idea as to why I read craigslist's missed connections).

The comments coming from the 1-train on Saturday night after many drinks downtown had me laughing so much, my sides hurt- have I mentioned I love my friend? ("Where were we earlier today? The Cloisters. Yea, sounds like an STD"- Hey, we had to entertain ourselves somehow, the train was local for the love of Christmas!)

Anyway, here are a few examples from the site:

The TV Show or the Process?
Thug #1: Yo, we're in a serious predicament!
Thug #2: Nigga, where did your foolish ass learn that shit?
Thug #1: Law and order.

--Times Square

Otherwise I'm Too Tense to Wear a Thong
Young lady suit:
Hey, I just fund twenty bucks in my purse! Don't you love when that happens?
Older lady suit: Yeah, I found a Valium in my underwear drawer last week. It made my day.
Young lady suit: That's cool too...

More Like She Was Doing a Pigeon Impersonation and My Penis Happened to Be There
Girl: So she accidentally gave you head?
Guy: Yeah.
Girl: I'm confused as to how this happened. Did she like sneeze and somehow her mouth ended up on your penis? I'm just having trouble with the logistics of this. I mean it must have been a pretty violent sneeze to force her head that far down. Or was it more sensual, smooth kind of sneeze...
Guy: You're a sarcastic bitch.
Girl: Yeah, but now you have STD.

--8th St


shoeaddict said...

Maybe the lady who found a valium in her panties accidentaly gave head.

Andie said...

I used to read overheard in new york all the time. and overheard in the office. have you ever been to that one?

That shit is a riot. LOL

shoeaddict said...

Thanks a lot. I can't get enough of this site now.

Tabbie. Like Cabbie, with a T. said...

that site makes me laugh so hard.