Friday, March 21, 2008

Important things that have escaped my attention

Yesterday was the first day of spring (or something like that) and I am calling bullshit. It's still freezing! I do understand I now live in the north, but I was expecting tundra-like cold weather not an extended majority- of- the- year mild cold. It's like a slow and painful death rather than a quick and painful one. No wonder Northerners are so damn miserable. It's back in the 80s at home and it's been that way since February but nooooo. I'm still sitting here in a damn parka. This makes no damn sense.

And apparently the other day marked 5 years of being at war. First of all, I didn't know we had an actual date- call me ignorant- but I don't know. . .I just thought it happened gradually (you know because we had no support whatsoever for this head- in- ass decision)and is just me or does it feel longer? So much yet so little has happened in that time period. All I know, is it is time the war should end- if for no other reason but to have my soldier come home (I know he is out there somewhere).

And in other late-breaking I-am-crazy news, I am still in a bad mood and I hate everyone.

Enjoy your Easter holiday, everyone. It's depressing I no longer live in a highly Catholic populated city because, even if they are good for nothing else, at least I would be off of work today.


Eastcoastdweller said...

I live in Virginia. We had no winter this year.