Sunday, March 9, 2008


I went. I had fun. Met some fabulous new people. YaY! for being adventurous even though it was at the ends of the earth and the A train wasnt running so I had to take the 1 and there were no subways near the apartment (which I totally dont get about living downtown. You might be able to say you live in Tribeca or The Lower East Side but you also had to walk avenues to get to a subway whereas mine is 20 steps away from my apartment AND you can fit your entire apartment in my bedroom. The pretencion of this city continues to baffle me) and the wind was so tragic it literally blew down a few streets.

On the train ride back, there was a handicapped vet in a wheelchair. He proceeded to want to get through to the other end of the train, interrupting my reading and forcing me to basically put my legs in the air to pass (I wasnt assumed. I was wearing a skirt for chrissake!). I looked up and a very attractive male was smiling at me over the absurdity of the situation. I was so ready to have a lovely conversation with the stranger, exchange numbers and tell this entertaining story of how we met to our grandchildren. . . then he started meowing.


Eastcoastdweller said...

So You went. Good for You. You deserved that fun. You didn't deserve to be meowed at on the way home. What a freak. But I guess that's the only way some people have of expressing their appreciation of pulchritude.