Saturday, March 29, 2008

A review

Due to popular demand of "Anonymous"

So first off, the line to get into this movie was wrapped around the theater. The crowd? A bunch of wannabe hipsters. figures.

27 things about Chapter 27:

1. The point of Lindsey Lohan? And her name was Jude. . I'm not even going to touch that one.

2. I don't get the correlation between The Catcher in the Rye and John Lennon. But it was portrayed very well that Chapman REALLY believed that he was Holden Caulfield.

3. By really believed, I mean he was c.razy. (especially because who would want to be that crazy bastard anyway? Holden is the most annoying literary character I have ever had to listen to bitch for 200 pages about the way everyone is so "goddamn phony"- when he's the crazy phony one!)

4. Jared Leto put on 67 pounds for this movie and apparently the director wants to make sure you do not forget this. There were an unnecessary amount of shirtless/ pantless scenes.

5. Jared Leto's accent made it seem as though Chapman was mentally handicapped instead of southern? (Is he from Georgia or Hawaii? I'm still confused) The narration portion of this movie made it almost unbearable. He should have just talked normally instead of trying to impersonate a mentally slow person. Or maybe Leto IS just mentally slow.

6. I was unaware Chapman went to New York twice to try to kill Lennon.

7. I really like The Cranberries' song "I just shot John Lennon"

8. I don't understand the fascination with John Lennon (and I am aware of the crucifixion I am going get for this comment)

9. Back on track- It was a really good artistic movie. I think it was a good shot at trying to figure out what was going on with Chapman.

10. And with all indie-like movies there are wayyy too many parts were it is silent and that always makes me want to go to sleep.

11. Im still confused as to why killing John Lennon would make a good Chapter 27 for The Catcher in the Rye.

12. And anyway, Holden was just an annoying teen (NOT a 25 year old, btw) going through puberty. I must have missed the part where he was homicidal (because I was definitely skipping paragraphs at a time to make the 200 pages of hell end quickly).

13. If John Lennon was as obsessed with numerology as Chapman was with Holden, wouldn't they both be considered crazy? Except Lennon channeled it through music. . . maybe Chapman was denied into art school (like Hitler) and if he would have had a good way to channel his crazy, then there would have never been this tradegy.

14. I can tell you right now, I am not going to make it to 27.

15. The Q & A session did not happen. Apparently having the director and Jared Leto come out before the movie was enough for them but it clearly stated on the website that there would be one. I am assuming Mr. Leto wanted to get his ass to The Meat Packing District early to get as much free publicity as possible. It's just too bad he always fucks it up by doing something douche-bag like to confirm everyone's already formed opinion. douche.

16. I'm just a little perturbed by the lack of Q&A because I felt a spark of interest after the movie and would have liked to heard other's questions about it.

17. I was unaware Sean Lennon met Chapman in the park with "Jude". I dont even want to see his therapy bills.

18. The sites that are protesting this movie are dumb. Get over it.

19. If you liked Catcher in the Rye I am sure you would appreciate this movie. Just pretend Leto isn't crazy and ignore the part where John Lennon shows up and it's the damn annoying ass book.

20. Can I please say how annoyed I am that there was not a Q&A?! I don't know why I continue to love Jared Leto when he continues to pull douchebag crap like this.


(the bottom line: It's really good if you like indie films.)


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why they didn't have a Q and A on the 2nd night.
They did have one on Friday. Part of it is posted on the Angelika website. The crowds were unexpected and a bit overwhelming.
After the first Q and A session Jared was mobbed by fangirls that were pushing and shoving and had to be escorted out quickly.
That rarely even happens at concerts. People have wristbands for the meet ans greets and are respectful. If they are not. Sure shooting Jared will get up and leave. He's been known to do that in ANY situation if something annoys him.
If he demands that it's quiet, no pictures etc while he's playing acoustic session..better respect that or he'll get up and walk...he's done it alot.

So who knows. Too bad you didn't get your Q and A. Perhaps they assessed the crowd and it was full of rude screaming fangirls. He hates that.

As far as the film goes and the correlation to Catcher in the Rye to MDC and John Lennon. MDC identified with Holden Caulfield. He thought he was just like him.
Therefore he thought John Lennon was a phoney because he was the complete opposite of what his lyrics were in his music. Non materialistic, peace loving and accessible. Instead he had many mansions and lived an extravagant lifestyle and closed himself off from the world alot. In other words
he didn't practiced what he preached and was not God fearing.
MDC was supposedly religious. They pointed this out in the phone call from his wife talking about her Bible group and talking about MCD needing to pray for guidance.

Thank you for posting your experience. Again it's a shame but
no doubt something came up.
Who knows it could have been some security issue too...because Jared was indeed mobbed the night before

Peace And All That Jazz

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Well- they had it at the Angelika for chrissake! Every wannabe hipster and their momma go there (from what I understand).
And of course there was going to be a large crowd. duh.

And trust me, I am highly aware of Mr. Leto's temper tantrums. Even though I love him to death as an artist, I'd love him even more if he would drop the prima donna attitude and act like a normal human being.

I went to the 10:20 show on Friday, and the crowd was very much male from what I saw.

But thanks for your insight on the MDC/ Lennon/ Christian thing. Makes sense, but I'm still not sure why he chose Lennon. There are a million others.

Thanks again!!

Eastcoastdweller said...

I can't stand listening to that Lennon Christmas song, War is Over. Gets played ever year like some warped version of Silent Night.

It sounds like a taunt, a naive taunt such as only a spoiled, drug-addled Lennon could have cooked up.

Sure, the Vietnam war was horribly mismanaged but when we finally left, it wasn't flowers and giggles in Saigon. The war was nothing to celebrate and neither was the debacle of the ending of our involvement in it.