Tuesday, March 11, 2008

and I wonder why people continue to love me.

FRIEND: Guess who has a date tonight!
NQ: ugh. you?
NQ: [name has been deleted for privacy]?
FRIEND: Of course
FRIEND: His idea
NQ: hehe. . .see? you didnt scare him off
FRIEND: Not at all apparently
FRIEND: As long as he isn't looking for one thing
FRIEND: and thinks I am easy after Saturday night
NQ: oh wutever and if so- you should be complaining. at least you'd be getting some
FRIEND: Well you know I don't want JUST that
NQ: you're such a whiny queen with that crap
FRIEND: Excuse me?
NQ: you’re complaining.
NQ: like a 12 yr old
NQ: girl
NQ: :p
FRIEND: Because I don't want to Ho it up, I am a whiny 12 year old girl?
NQ: Im saying CALM DOWN. you will settle down one day and if its not with [name has been deleted for privacy], oh well. The right person will come along. quit trying to rush the rest of your life
FRIEND: I know, I know, I know
FRIEND: I am trying
NQ: and THAT is what I meant by the whiny 12 yr old girl.
FRIEND: I am actually more concerned about my reputation and his intent
NQ: reputation?
NQ: Is this the 1800s? seriously?
FRIEND: Fuck off and die
NQ: Maybe you should consider hiring a chaperone? They have those still right?
NQ: :-)
FRIEND: Maybe you should consider hiring another Therapist
FRIEND: I miss [my old therapist’s name here]
FRIEND: You used to be a bit nicer


Eastcoastdweller said...

But all is well now, right? No hard feelings with [name deleted] right?