Monday, November 10, 2008

I like my coffee black; like my metal.

(Shut me up- MSI)
No matter what, the day after I download new music and put it on my ipod is always a good day. New music will generally lift my spirits, even on a Monday. Which is exactly what happened this morning.

Have I mentioned I hate my job? I know I shouldn't be bitching about my job, especially right now- at least I still have one. It's just so disheartening that a company with such prestige is being ruined by a few people that have no clue what they are doing. It sort of feels like when I first saw Mickey without his head on when I was working in Disneyworld. It was so disturbing and I lost little of the magic- no pun intended (a little hint to my current employer. lol) It's getting harder and harder to bide my time, that's all I can say.

Another plus for today, I finally wore my new shoes to work. Well, technically, I carried them to work and put them on here. Baby steps, people. I haven't worn heels in over a year and it scares the hell out of me. I have just come to the realization I am deathly afraid of falling (in every sense of the word actually now that I think about it. hmmm). Wearing heels and walking on the uneven broken sidewalks is just asking to have face contact with the concrete. I am far from the professional stiletto walker that I was when I was 19. Plus I have gotten accustom to walking with long and fast strides which trying to concentrate on walking in heels inhibits this. But I'm going to do it, even if it takes me another year, I will master this.

And I just realized I'm going to DC this weekend. Totally forgot about it, but I'm glad. I need out of the city at least once a month to maintain the small amount sanity I still possess and I need a break from my self inflicted bed ridden weekend jail sentences. And figuring out how to pack 2 days worth of stuff into a backpack should keep me mystified for the rest of the week.

Just realized there is a hole in the crotch of my Betsy Johnson tights. This is going to be interesting on how I get it not to run because there is no way I'm running around this city in 50 degree weather with bare legs.
Goodness Gracious. I'm a mess. Happy effing Monday.


lailani said...

Why do you buy Betsy Johnson tights? I buy mine at Target and I'm going to bet they work just as well as the name brand.
But maybe I'm missing something.

TTQ said...

Emmm. how did you get a hole in the crotch? ;-). The last time that happened to me it was when..oh nevr mind TMI..

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

They weren't expensive. . . same as Target just different shades.
And how did the hole appear? I am still asking myself that question, but I would love to hear details, TTQ ;-)