Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day.

Woke up this morning a whole extra hour early to the tunes of Bon Jovi. "Living on a Prayer" was Apt. 3B's getting pumped to go vote song. We traveled to the polling place and voted to for the man who we believed would be a better choice to lead our country for the next four years (that would be Obama, of course. God how I love living in a blue state and the people actually knowing what it means instead of being ignorant. YaY! To be honest I wasn't convinced one way or another for either of the candidates. I'm a Hilary girl through and through. But the possibility of Sarah Palin running my country when McCain dies of old age scares the living shit out of me). New York State law allows you to take up to 2 paid hours off of work to vote if you do not have a consecutive 4 hours off that the polling places are open. Guess who went back to sleep for an extra hour because of this fabulous law? ;-)
But that is enough political talk. I haven't had a stomach for it for awhile.

Will I be glued to CNN when I get home tonight like the majority of America? Nope. But I would appreciate someone texting me when the winner is announced. I have enough anxiety to deal with. Worrying about something I have no control over after I have casted my vote does not rank high on my priority list.


Fred said...

Well, I am going to get 'Faced for the Race (That's short for Shitfaced, if you didn't know) at $2 Drink night.

I haven't voted yet, and still don't know who will get my dangling chad. It will be my thought to ponder while I run at lunch.

*Red said...

I'm a Hiliary Girl as well. I wished it was her name on the little ticker, but at least it won't be McCain. I saw a guy actually get made fun of, to his face, in Whole Foods the other day for wearing a McCain/Palin pin. It was awesome. Yay for Blue States!

PS. I haven't forgotten about our date either. :)

shoeaddict said...

Oh yes, making fun of each other is the kinda "Change" this country needs, right?

Anyway, I voted.
And I know the difference between red and blue states.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Unfortunately I will be drinking at home tonight. I bought beer yesterday then thought better of it if I was going to wake up early.

*red, I am holding you to that.

shoeaddict, my post was not meant to offend. I just meant to state that I am happy to be living in an environment where I feel comfortable expressing my political views with others who feel the same way or if not, do not make it a big deal.