Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am way tired.
I really wanna snuggle. When I finally crawled into bed last night, I cant even express to you how euphoric it was (well, in the few moments before I crashed. I think I was comatose as soon as my head hit the pillow). Just thinking of that amazing feeling is killing me. ugh. Anyone else feel the need to eat more when they are thoroughly exhausted? I think it has something to do with keeping me busy/ moving so I don't fall asleep.

Luckily I am posting this in the afternoon. This morning I was a force not to be reckoned with and it all started out with a few text messages, an email or two and a lot of angry facebook/ myspace status updates. I was thoroughly embarrassed to know people that would say or pass along the hateful things I was receiving. It's a wonder I didn't delete every Republican "friend" I had. Then I stopped and realized that is the beauty of diversity/ living in a democracy and at the moment they just happen to be sore losers- and I get that. My guy lost the previous times I have voted and I understand the frustrations they are going through right now. I also know that this is just the initial shock and eventually it will wear off and then I can say Your are very much Welcome for believing now. Eh. And if they never do come around, then I wish them luck in Canada like they are continuing to threaten (Not that there is any fault in that. I will totally be moving with yall, too. But did you ever stop for a moment and realize Canadians are a lot more liberal than we are- which is exactly what you'd be running from, right? Not solely the president elect's race? Because if that is so, then you might as well delete me from your life right now. I shall disregard your existence anyway.)

My favorite part so far is the insistence of not being boastful and to have more tact in the feelings for those McCain supporters. This was the same person who 8 years ago made sure I was highly aware of who won presidency (In case you are wondering, it wasn't Gore- well. . you know what I mean). No, I haven't thrown anything back and I have been taking in all of the emails/ texts without response because I'm afraid of what I might tell them if I do decide to respond. Ok. Enough talk about that because now I'm all worked up and it's getting harder and harder to be the bigger person in this situation.

So, I will end with I hope that the first dog is a Yorkie ;-)


Jen Kucsak said...

Ugh I totally agree. I can't even tell you how many fights I've gotten into with friends over hateful things they have been saying. Thank god it's all over. Or maybe its just begun :/

Andie said...

while i'm registered Republican, and I voted Republican, I don't find it necessary to bash the other candidate. Bashing doesn't do anything but make the country more divided and less credible globally.

Now what we must do as a country- whether we are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, is support our new president and be a unified nation. period.

Traci Anne said...

I only deleted the people with truly nasty comments; thankfully, they're no one I'll miss!

Also, I'm so freaking excited, I can't stand it!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

andie- you know I wasnt talking about you.

I think I am about to delete them all!