Monday, November 3, 2008

A Treasure Map to my future appeared in my email

So, if I haven't mentioned, I have the bestest friends in the entire world in general.
In particular, I have this one friend who is in my life for a reason and that is to always remind me of how fabulous I am- because if I wasn't fabulous I have no idea how she would ever want to be friends with me. She is amazing in every sense of the word and I feel blessed everyday to have met her, let alone have her as a best friend. 

Today was a bad day in  my little bubble. Same old shit, really- What am I doing with my life?, What should I be doing with my life- you know the drill. So, I called my Fab Friend hoping for a funny story to cheer me up seeing as she is a master at story telling and makes me pee my pants on a regular basis. Unfortunately, she happens to know me a little too well and as I was venting my frustrations about my standstill craptastic  life (she is getting her Masters in Psychology- I must get in as much free therapy as possible before she starts charging me!), I mentioned I needed a treasure map, a wild goose chase- anything besides what I'm doing right now to figure it all out. 
And  look what I found in my email:
I'm a little concerned about the first two steps, but I can't wait to do the rest. And for the record, I know I don't have a craptastic life. Not with friends like this; which makes being so far from them that much harder. 


shoeaddict said...

I wish I could see it better. Still, how sweet of her to do something so cute and (prob?) funny.

Andie said...

ha! that's funny! Do I know this person? LOL

Andie said...

oh, doh. I see her name at the bottom! Of course I know her!!! LOL


lailani said...

That's really cute.

Anonymous said...

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