Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear URL Filter: I HATE YOU

Dear IT Department,
I'm getting really annoyed. This is day two in which I do not have full Internet access.
If you think you are getting a drop of extra productivity from me, you are going to be sorrily mistaken. Your company barely pays me enough to do the work I actually do (and don't blame it on "there is no money in fashion"; you are a multi-billion dollar corporation that should be ashamed of yourself for not giving full time employees sick days or vacation. How anyone enjoys that factor is beyond me) and I won't be doing much more because you decided to go all noble and restrict my favorite sites. I would rather sit and stare at the computer monitor. Which I will do, right after AIM-ing every co-worker to inform them that I am bored.
Get your shit together. I am not in a mood to be messed with. ever.