Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am ridiculous.

ridiculous, I tell you!
I haven't FB stalked in so long, I forgot how! And it's all Freddie's fault (that I am doing it, not that I'm lacking at it, even he's disappointed in my rusty skills) How do you stalk someone when all you have is a first name, a city and a place of business? This is terrible. I am so embarrassed 1. that I'm actually doing it (I will blame boredom) and 2. that I used to be able to find out much more about a person with less information back in the day.

For future reference, please do not encourage my recockulousness.


fred said...

My fault? I think its fine to stalk someone on facebook. If they put their stuff up there, they want to be found.

And I will encourage it whole heartedly.

Now, be creepy. Away!

*Red said...

Hey, no more facebook stalking!! But are you stalking who I think you are stalking?!?! :)

iTeresa said...

A little stalking never hurt anyone, its the crazies that sit outside someones house that is blatant line crossing, lol.