Sunday, August 31, 2008

Be proud of me!

I didn't get black!

What a fabulous way to spend the Labor Day weekend! I forgot how amazing mani/pedis can be. I made it to Jersey and have had the most enlightening time.

Hope all those evac'd are relaxing and enjoying the 3 day vacation. No use in stressing yet. Wish I could take my own advice.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

For the record, next time I get a bright idea to wear ankle boots to a concert in Central Park, someone beat me with them. They were fine all day, until I had to walk the length and width of the park to get into the venue and out. I don't think I will walk normal ever again.

Last night was the fabulous Phantom Planet/ Jack's Mannequin/ Paramore concert and my broken feet was totally worth it. I proceeded to drink 4 beers and eat a hot dog and fries in record time resulting in a very satisfying buzz. Jumping around like a retarded white girl was tons of fun, too. It was much needed stress reliever. Rumsey Playfield is an outdoor venue and it's huge. There was faux astro-turf laid out that you could sit on all over with bleachers and I think there was even a Guitar Hero booth where you could play the game if you got bored with the concert. It was more than I expected. Will I ever go to another concert there again? Sure. As long as I wear comfie shoes.

During this, I came to 2 realizations.

1. Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin is amazing. I absolutely love piano players and he can definitely play. Lately I have been really digging songs with very notable piano parts. Tori Amos is of course my favorite artist of all time, who rocks the piano like no other. Andrew was definitely up there with her on the piano rocking. From where I was standing, he bore a resemblance to Ryan Gosling- which made it even hotter in my opinion. It's hard to believe only a few short years ago he was battling leukemia. Obviously, he won and is back doing what he loves most- good for him! And did I mention he was looking a lot like Ryan Gosling?

side note: I just found out they are putting out a new album and Stephenie Meyers (author of The Twilight Saga) is working with them on their new video. How totally awesome yet unfair.

and Jeremy Davis. The bassist of Paramore. He is 22 and 5'11, but what I wouldn't do to him if I had the chance! Anyway, he totally looked like Ryan in the notebook- you know when he grows the beard? After he built the house for her and she goes back to him? And he delivers that amazing speech about how she's a pain in the ass but he wants her, all of her and all that other stuff that makes me want him to say it to me? ahhh. Anyway, I don't know what all that was about, but it seems it was a Ryan Gosling on the brain type of night.
another side note: apparently he got back together with Rachel McAdams? How cute are they together?

2. I finally figured out what my obsession with musicians is all about. As I watched them get totally involved with performing the music and thoroughly enjoying themselves, it hit me. I was watching passion being played out in front of me in it's purest form. These artists weren't just playing music to play, they were passionate about it, which was portrayed through the music seeping out into the audience- hitting me square in the face. That's when I realized it had been so long since I had been exposed to anyone or anything even resembling passion, I forgot what it was. I don't need to find my purpose in life, I need to find my passion. I am missing that unquenchable thirst to care about something so deeply I feel it in my soul. I have always been a passionate person but I didn't realize I had lost that part of me until I saw it being played out in front of my eyes last night. Talk about having a moment nearly knock you on your ass and it haven't nothing to do with the amount of alcohol you consumed.

Now I am off on an adventure of trying to figure out how to get to Jersey.
Wish me luck, knowing me, I might end up in Canada if I'm not careful.
Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe extra long weekend!

That's hot.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock me like a hurricane

It's almost like deja vu.

What were you doing 3 years ago today?

Well, I was hating my job (surprise surprise) getting ready to drive up to my college town for some sorority function. I remember I was pissed that it took me like 5 hours, instead of the usual 3 and a half. Yea, I knew there was a hurricane in the gulf, or something like that, but a hurricane scare is something that happens at least 3 times a year. I was adamant about wanting an extra 3 day vacation, like I always am about hurricane scares. I think this stems back to Hurricane Andrew 1992, when everyone got to go to Tennessee and play in Dollywood. We stayed home and played in puddles and watched movies by candlelight (No, I'm not bitter or anything). My family never leaves for hurricane scares. My dad's version of evacuating is going from Kenner to Metairie or Hammond. But little did we know this one would be the ultimate example of The Boy who cried wolf.

I remember Saturday morning at some ungodly hour I received a phone call from my best friend asking if he could come to stay with me. Still hungover, I was confused as to what the hell he would want to do there. . . he hated visiting me when I was in college, why now? That's how I found out Katrina was headed directly for my home. I called my parents and they were on their way to Mississippi and that's when I knew it was just a normal hurricane scare.

That was the beginning of the longest 2 weeks of my life in which I am still recovering from.

Now, Gustav is threatening to finish what Katrina started? On the same weekend she hit three years ago. Is this the universe's version of a sick joke?

I'm really worried about my family and friends. I'm almost feeling a little guilty that my biggest natural disaster worry right now is if a sick passenger is going to fuck up the subway schedule.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ariel's Beginning.

I don't know about you, but I am stoked to find out about Ariel. The Beginning.
But seriously, what the fuck matters before Prince (Charming) Eric?
Disney, you are officially reaching, but I will be that sucker.


I have decided owning a pair of black cowboy boots will make me happy.
I need them by Thursday to compliment my outfit.
And I need them to be under $100.
Wish me luck!

Monday, August 25, 2008

7 things.

Im too lazy to link, Kitty's blog but you can go to my roll and she is there.
That's where I got this from and what has been keeping me busy all day, distracting me from homicide.

7 things I plan to do before I die
1) fall in love
2) backpack through Europe- or at least my version of backpacking
3) up my alcohol tolerance
4) finish a novel
5) date a musician
6) find the meaning of my life
7) work in some form of the tobacco industry

7 things I can do
1) I can include a curse word in every sentence that crosses my lips, if I'm allowed or in the proper company.
2) I can sleep days away if I'm allowed to
3) I can put my mind to anything and do it
4) I can plot like no one's business, but I'm a little rusty
5) I can read an 800 page book in less than 48 hours and 26,000 under a week. I don't know if I deserve a medal or a straight jacket for that talent.
6) I can hold a grudge for a long long time
7) I can annoy the shit out of my loved ones. . . and love every minute of it!

7 things I cannot do
1) I cannot keep a secret for the life of me.
2) I cannot control some things from coming out of my mouth that hurts people's feelings
3) I cannot listen to one more Elvis song as I wait patiently on hold so I can yell at Live Nation (but apparently I can. It seems to be the greatest hits CD on repeat)
4) I cannot go a day without my ipod
5) I cannot imagine a world without my nieces in it.
6) I cannot fathom people disliking me unless they are terribly jealous of how amazing I am.
7) I cannot dance properly unless I am drunk and even then it's a little iffy.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1) Height. Duh. Under 6'2, need not apply.
2) Arms. Big Arms. Arms that I can get lost in and feel safe and protected.
3) Sense of Humor. Laughter is a direct line to my heart
4) Being smarter than me. . . or knowing things I want to know more about.
5) Wink. A guy that can wink properly at me will melt my knees
6) Smile. He must smile well. I cannot be the only photogenic one in the relationship.
7) Being able to put up with me. That's a big plus.

7 things I say most often
2) omg. btw. idk. imho. pretty much anything I can shorten even if I am made fun of relentlessly
3) WHY do I work with idiots?
4) HOW did you get a degree?
5) I hate my life
6) ohmigod. Kill Yourself.
7) WHERE is my fucking lighter?

7 Celebrity crushes
1) Johnny Depp.
2) Jared Leto. . . . why? He is a skinny whiny douchebag but the heart does things the mind cannot comprehend.
3) Vin Diesel. . . . can we say arms?!
4) Jamie Tworkowski, Founder of To Write Love on her arms.
5) Dylan McDermott
6) Scott Michael Foster
7)Kat von D. . . I just wanna be her best friend. Does that count?

Question of the Day

What the F is a Twitter?

It reminds me of Tweaker . . .and I definitely know what that is, but somehow I don't think that applies to the blogging world. Unless you are tweaking while blogging and I'm sure that's a different story.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun Sundays

I'm sitting in a drained out pool in Brooklyn listening to music and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D. Oh, and drinking a beer. What could be better?

An intense dodgeball game going on right next to me with gorgeous half naked men? And a guy dressed as a Trojan playing? Oh yes. This is fabulous.

Why haven't I enjoyed an outdoor concert so much before? Oh. I hate to sweat. Duh. But all this excitement has made me forget.
Hope everyone else is having a fabulous Sunday!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

3 months.

just for the record, this is the longest we have ever gone without talking since we met.
I really dislike you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I nearly just peed.

My roommates are watching the Olympics. (Yes, they are the two that are watching it) Their commentary is keeping me entertained enough to ignore that it's even on (Have I mentioned they rock?) AND they tivo-rewind the funny commercials to watch them twice. How awesome is that?!
This is a clip from the AIG commercial I just saw. Nearly wet myself.

Babies laughter melts my heart (but don't let anyone know I actually have one). Something about genuine laughter. I miss it. Nowadays I only laugh this hard when I'm drunk. But I have noticed a large change in my moods since we moved offices and I started my coffee experiment.

Then I was introduced to this one. They won't let me embed it. bastards.

And we watched this one about 4 times. "What?!" LOVE. IT.

When it comes I wanna wail MAIIIIILLLLL

sidenote, Blues Clues rocks. I must see if it is still televised and watch it daily.

In other news, I love people who actually say that in real life conversations.

But seriously, in other news, Sorry I suck at commenting guys. I have become a . . . what is that called when you read but don't comment in the blogosphere? A loiter? Anyhoo- If you haven't noticed I try to only comment when I have something important to add to the convo. . . or Im just in a mood to state my opinion. Obviously I don't have either.

oh and the point of this, you ask? I just got a registration postcard from F.I.T. for a fall catalog. Coinkidink? I think not, sir. I do not believe ever sending them my current address. Seems like subconsciously that dream is still alive. OR I have a very resourceful guardian angel. Either way, can someone pass along the message to the little birdie that Open House is Oct. 15 and I need to physically be reminded to go?

I can totally get a degree in millinery technique. . . right after I google as to what the fuck that is. (it's making hats, btw. I guess the Fashion world's equivalent to basket weaving?)

A Giant Saint.

If you haven't guessed already, I am not a sports fan. I base my loyalties on who has the hottest players with the most husband potential (hence, why I prefer Basketball and quit following The Hornets as soon as they traded my future husband).

But I was just introduced to this man and now I'm in love. I don't care what you say, that's hot. (Do you see the arms?! o.m.g. I have a thing for arms and those are the most beautiful I've ever seen and the tattoos just make it so much better. *note: I am not a fan of overly tattooed people but I make exceptions. And I prefer the dark eyes and hair over the fair, but he is definitely an exception.)

This is Jeremy Shockey (sorry I couldn't find a pic of him in the black and gold). He is now a New Orleans Saint and I want to have his children. Someone guarantee this for me and I am on the next flight home.

Monday, August 18, 2008

This beats my normal response, hands down.

What a fabulous thing to see first thing in the morning. Thank you, Overheard and thank you, Scott. You made my crappy Monday morning that much more bearable.

My normal response? "You telling me that is bad for your health." Lame. Thank you again, Scott, for making me up my game.

p.s.- if you happen to be the smoking queer, please contact me immediately so I can kiss you!

Friday, August 15, 2008


There are just some breed of people who will never be cultured no matter how hard they try.

Unfortunately, the majority of that population is currently at MoMa making my skin crawl at the level of disrespect.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

New York and Company.

I am done with you.
I will no longer be a large patron of your fashionable arts. You have pissed me off enough that I do not ever want to spend another dime in your store and that says a lot being that the majority of my clothes come from your store.
I wish you bankruptcy.


Any suggestions for a new favorite store?

What do you consider fun?

I'm upping my caffeine intake. I think it might be a fun little experiment. Last night I learned how to make coffee- no, I'm not retarded I just have never made coffee at my home before. It's quite fun. I drink my coffee on the train and by the time I get to work, I don't want to physically harm anyone; you could even say I am almost happy. Then I have another cup once I get there. When I get up to needing 5 cups a day I think I will take away caffeine all together and see what that does. Fun, right?

I need some free fun in my life right now. It has taken me until my 26 year of life to understand the true value of the dollar, especially because there aren't a lot of those free-flowing to me lately. This royally sucks. I think I'm going to sunbathe and read on The Great Lawn tomorrow, after laundry.

BUT I do have enough money to buy Paramore tickets! They will be in Central Park at the end of this month with Jack's Mannequin and Phantom Planet. I'm really excited, plus as soon as I mentioned it to the right person, everyone wants to go. Now there is a group of us going.

Someone seriously need to pull me away from this Twilight Saga. I have lost sleep, nearly missed my subway stops and read during lunch and smoke breaks standing up. There HAS to be crack in the pages of the book. (What is my obsession with crack lately?) All I know is I don't give my sleep up for anything but I can't put this book down. I'm officially obsessed. I do admit her writing is a little over the top to be a believable young adult novel, sometimes it's hard to believe a 17 year old thinks and acts like that, but I can look passed it. The books are a recockulously easy read- They're around 600 pages that are easily read in a day or two. Plus, the books could be so much shorter if her attention to insignificant details would cease. . . but none of this matters until I find out if Edward and Bella are together. I try and remember what that first love feeling felt like and I can't. Hell, I can't even remember what the last love of my life felt like (unless you consider my love of shoes. . .). I don't even remember what real heart break feels like. Maybe I should get on that. That could be considered fun, right?

Organic milk

comes from a cow, right? So why do they call white milk vanilla? It's not really vanilla and this tastes like vanilla not milk.
I'm a little concerned.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is the sound of settling.

Remember how I mentioned my office moved? Now I'm sitting in an office with 3 other people including my new supervisor (which I happily informed her this morning "may god have mercy on your soul")- it's all apart of our expansion. We are taking over the world!- or at least this office building, where we are 3 floors big.

Anyway, in an effort to cause ruckus, cure boredom and prolong procrastination I have been wandering around the empty cubicle collecting things left behind then returning to my office and presenting them as gifts to my officemates like I'm Santa. I have already acquired 2 lamps (the lighting is a little better now) a large cut out of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade clown balloon (who will now be Office 3's mascot, name: TBA) a chalice, a snowman nik nak and a white gorilla that sings "L.O.V.E."by Frank Sinatra (I think).

My most recent klepto adventure on the way to the kitchen (which is an adventure in itself) is 2 Bridal Magazine that I will be using to make a collage (theme yet to be determined- any suggestions?) to place either on a wall or the door that we are not allowed to close.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics vs. Twilight

Am I the only person on the planet not interested in watching the olympics? Except, I must say, Mr. Phelps is damn good looking.

Has anyone else gotten sucked into the Twilight Saga cult? I am only 200 pages in and already I would risk eternal damnation to be with him.
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Pissed and Petty.

I'm tired and cranky and I just survived 2 delayed flight from hell, consuming enough alcohol to kill something and now I'm working on 3 hours of sleep to find out our office is moving. The Kicker?

bad lighting.

Right now that's what I'm pissed about the most. Because if I get angry about anything else, my head my explode.

I'll be back when I'm not so disgruntled.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm about to lose my shit.

A TWO FUCKING Hour delay.

Did I mention I've been sitting here for 2 hours with a screaming child behind me, its about time for a cigarette and I haven't even gotten on the plane?

To make myself feel better (and prevent a homicidal attack on an unfit mother and a JetBlue employee) I went to get some coffee. . . Because that's going to calm me down. I can be a disgruntled traveler hopped up on caffeine, which I'm sure is a recipe for disaster.

Now I'm sitting at a table a good 50 away from the gate praying the warm goodness of crack is going to calm me down while channeling Enya (unfortunately I only have the punk rock playlist on my ipod).

And here I thought I'd get arrested this weekend for drunken debauchery on Bourbon- not a nicotine fit in the middle of JFK.

As I type this, it gets delayed ANOTHER fucking hour.
I don't even know the words.
This is going to get ugly
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I'm a bubble!

What? It entertained me and I'm wayyy early for my flight, so I need entertainment. I'm tired of looking at ugly tourists.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

You will be the death of me.

Since I don't seem to be as originally quirky as I thought, does anyone else do this:
When they find a favorite song you put it on repeat for a whole day? You listen to it to the point of exhaustion and keep going and going and going. . . then after about a week you're over it. The appeal is no longer there. You still love the song but it's glisten is dulled?
Yea. That's what I'm doing with this one. (I know I'm 4 years late, but what did you expect? I'm pretty much 4 years late on a lot of things)

This song makes me miss having a car tremendously. I want to properly jam with the windows rolled down, full blast, a cigarette in my hand and singing on the top of my lungs (one of the upside of driving to and from college for 4 hours by myself)
And I think my new musician crush is on drummers. They get to beat the shit out of something and it is socially acceptable. How fabulous is that? Is it too late to decide I want to be a drummer with my life?

Last night I went out in a social setting and realized my conversation skills are rusty. My sorority would be very disappointed. What the hell do you do during the awkward pauses? And what if you have the attention span of a 5 year old and are done with the conversation and decide the wall is more entertaining? What has happened to my human interact tolerance?

Ok. one more time with the Muse song then I have to end it.
What song can you listen to over and over and not get sick of it?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's how I roll.

I just had to evaluate myself on my job performance. It's quite laughable. It wouldn't be so bad if I saw myself moving up within this company but right now I'm just biding my time til I figure what I want to do with the rest of my life- and I can promise you whatever that may be it will not be with this company.

Anyhoo- In some I am more neurotic than you would ever believe news, I want this ring. (This is the website for those who wants to buy it for me I wear a 6.5 or a 7- it's cheap! Cheap enough to buy me the black AND the pink one- plus extras in case I break them. Or you could just buy me the really expensive one.)

I am so impatient I spent my entire lunch scouring around Broadway to find one. I got a few that are similar and will tide me over until I feel like spending money I don't have, but I really want a glass one. Why is this so neurotic you ask? Because this is not the first time I've gotten it in my mind I want something and stop at nothing to get it- literally. There have been so many kicks, I've lost count.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what have you done lately?

Remember my favorite non-profit?
Well, it seems SocialVibe thinks they are pretty cool, too. Click on the link below to start your own social profile that helps raise money for your own favorite cause or charity. Fabulous companies will sponsor you and there are perks involved.
Or just click on the link to give me points. I really want the pink ball.


I just did laundry in my bathtub, I shit you not.


Because I forgot to go to the bank before it closed to get a roll of quarters (not like I have the money to do that either), all the laundromats around my apartment close at 8 or 9 so I hardly have enough time to do one load if I come straight home and if I didn't wash, I would be all out of clean bras. Oh and I thought it would be a good life experience.
Pray that the clothes I ordered online come in sometime this week- I'm pretty sure everything I just washed still has soap in it and my sorority sister is going to smell me when I get to the bachlorette party to make sure I'm clean or else I will be doing laundry on Bourbon Street.

Remind me never to book back to back trips on laundry weekends.

Instant Message Conversations: A Tutorial

Apparently, speaking through Instant Messenger is a fucking new things for people, so in my duty of being a good person I am going to conduct today's lesson. Pay attention closely because I am up to my goddamn neck with this bullshit and I am not above defriending your ass. I have enough friends who can carry an AIM conversation correctly, I don't need the extra annoyance.

IM conversation (for the mentally retarded who have not figured it out yet) is NOT the same thing as having a F2F (that's face to face) or even a Phone convo. Why not? Well, for starters, the tone of voice is lost through words. The delivery is lost when someone reads it and either doesn't know you well enough to understand or they just plain interpret it wrong. Need an example? If I say Fuck you when I am talking to you (in person/ on phone) and then laugh, you know I'm kidding. But if I just type Fuck you. . . you may or may not know I'm kidding (depends on how many brain cells you're working with that day; and if you're working with a lot, you should know I never joke about the word fuck). So it is quite important that you get your tone across to the other end, or there will be 10 kinds of awkward and confusion. Got that? This is usually why people use the term "lol" or make different types of smiley faces- this helps convey the typed statement in the correct fashion.

Next. (PAY FUCKING ATTENTION) When you type a sentence and in return, the recipient types "What?", "?" or asks a question about your statement, that means you did not express your thought in a comprehensible way. That means the recipient (i.e. ME!) needs you to elaborate your nitwitted statement. That does not mean you need to get frustrated because the recipient is not clairvoyant and cannot decipher stupid. That also does not mean your recipient cannot read or is dense; that does however mean you need to type in complete comprehensible sentences until you learn how to communicate properly- during which time, I highly recommend you delete your IM account and take Text Messaging off of your cell phone plan.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm an addict for dramatics, I confuse the two for love

You, my dear.

Yes, you. (as in the reflection in the mirror)

You just had to go send out the Bat signal, didn't you? You couldn't just let it go- you and your damn neurosis; always getting you in trouble. I know you know how this is going to end, but you still had to go put your hand in the fire. You are treading on some very thin water, missy, and if you continue this behavior I don't know if you can swim out of it.

sorry, just reminding myself not to be a dumbass. Carry on.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blast from the past

I had these exact shoes (except they were pink suede. Even cooler IMHO) when I was 12. Converse never seem to go out of style. I think I'm going to put them on my list of things that will still remain after the end of the world (you know, like cockroaches and glitter. Glitter? Ever tried getting rid of glitter?)
Yes, I have made my way to the Bronx Target and I have no idea where the B7 bus is supposed to pick my ass up and transport me back to Manhattan.
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Control Your own Destiny or someone else will- Jack Welch

I popped over to Change is Brewing and her most recent blog struck some inspiration in me.

I am mad at Jack Welch for that quote. What if WANT someone to control my destiny? PLEASE tell me what I'm supposed to do, because after 26 years I am damn tired of trying to figure it out on my own. Communism (OH! or sameness. Remember The Giver? Lois Lowry was on to something! If I didn't know any better I would have thought she was in the middle of a Quarterlife Crisis when she thought of this idea)- now that is what I'm talking about! (ok. calm down for a second. Hear me out)

In these settings you are told what you should do with your life. This eliminates all kinds of fun stuff that Americans fight daily for the freedom to protect, but this doesn't sound half bad when choosing a path from the plethora makes your head spin. For your entire life, you only had one or two options that were both structured and goal orientated. This setting was, for the most part, in education to become whatever you chose to be (because how many people knew what they wanted to be at 13 and are currently doing that? I, personally, wanted to be a junkie thanks to that retarded PSA in the 90s). Education only gets you so far. Having so much structure for so long and then being thrown into the big bad working world of reality doesn't prepare you for anything but an almost immediate mental breakdown. It's a huge life adjustment that no one warns you about. You might study to be an accountant and realize something else is your true calling. Most people are not currently in or will ever be in the field they studied. So what the fuck was the point of the degree in the first place? Once you are out of school, there is no syllabus outlining the rest of your life; there isn't even a suggestion. The sky is the limit, which is fabulous and all, but what if having those infinite possibilities is the demise of what you truly could have been? I can straight up admit I am scared shitless of my potential. Can you admit that?

Let's be honest, no one wants to talk about failed jobs and how they are going to make rent on time, but instead about who is successful. Being that society only focuses on the few that have made it at a young age many people don't realize that there are far more 20 and 30 somethings that don't have it together and are still struggling to find themselves let alone a successful career and family. And there is NOTHING wrong with this. But since it is not widely talked about, those having these problems think there is something wrong with them. Which is one of the many symptoms of a Quarterlife Crisis.

Everyone makes fun of me for using this term. The next time you want to vent to me about wanting to have children or wishing you were still in college or hating your entry level job, don't give me shit for telling your retard ass you are experiencing symptoms of the QLC (like I'm a therapist or something. ha)

The more I talk to people in their 20s, the more I realize we are all together floundering around in this cesspool of inequity. How superb it is to find out it's not just me. Who's down for moving to China? OR better yet, who would like to be in charge of my destiny? I'm down for ownership.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Stupid and Contagious

I think I'm getting a summer cold and thats going to suck. I used up all of my Emergen-C. I think my immune system is plotting against me. It knows I want a chill-out weekend and it figures this is a perfect time to crash. Or I jinxed myself the other day when I told my mom I hardly ever get sick in New York as compared to every other day in New Orleans. Either way, it's 10am and I already look like a coke addict.

I think I lost my library card and that is really depressing. While I wait until this book comes in, I am re-reading Stupid and Contagious (by Caprice Crane) and I think it has jumped into my top favs. It's fantabulous. I love all the music references.

This sucks. I think the only thing that can cheer me up is Chipotle :-)